Monday, May 13, 2013

Eye Liner: What Kind Do You Prefer?

Eye liner has never been my strength when it comes to my makeup. It still isn't, really, but I have gotten better at applying it. I can do simple, basic liner without much trouble now but winged liner, the cat eye look etc... it's all still pretty much impossible for me.

I have been practicing a lot lately, but I still don't feel confident with my eye liner skills. All my practicing has me wondering though, do you have a preferred formula of eye liner?

My favorite eye liners: Palladio liquid liner in black/brown, Rimmel gel liner in black, NYX glitter liquid liner in Baby Pink, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon and Maybelline Line Express in Bronze

I always used to be strictly a pencil liner girl, but then I discovered gels and that was all I would use for a while. And now I find myself reaching for my liquid liner more often. I think the gels are a nice transitional product to get you from pencils to liquid if you like liquid but have trouble with application and do better with pencils. And of course as in my picture above we can't forget the sub-category of glitter eye liners which come in liquid and pencil form, and some gels have glitter in them but I have not seen a full-on glitter gel liner. (There must be some out there though right?)

Honestly, if you asked me to pick what formula of eye liner is my favorite right now I would have a very hard time choosing. They each have certain advantages and disadvantages over the other kinds. I like the pencil liners for tight lining (how I most often wear my eye liner) and I like that I can apply them a little lighter for a softer look than possible with gels or liquids. But I like the creaminess of gels. And I love the crisp, clean lines of liquid. And of course, I love glitter so glitter liners are great to have. The NYX one pictured above is my absolute favorite, I wear it alone for a more subtle glittery look or I layer it on heavily over other liners for something more bold.

I think if I really had to choose just one kind of eye liner, and could never use any other kind for the rest of my life, I would choose gel though. It's in-between pencil and liquid qualities make it a fair compromise. But I would not be happy if I had to make that choice. Even though my eye liner skills are not the best, I adore my eye liner and love having all the different options at my disposal!

What about you? What is your favorite?

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