Monday, April 8, 2013

Tutorial: Rhinestone Butterflies

Bear in mind this is just how I make butterfly shapes with rhinestones. I am sure there are other ways - feel free to play with your rhinestones to find what works for you and gives you the final look you are after.

I use small rhinestones so that the full design can fit on my nails. If you have wider nail beds you might be able to use larger rhinestones.

When adding rhinestones to your manicure, you want to apply them when your polish is still wet. If your manicure is already dry and you decide you want to add rhinestones, apply a coat of clear polish. Make sure it is not a quick-dry polish - you need to give yourself time to apply the rhinestones while the polish is wet so that they will stick. Remember to seal your rhinestones on with a coat or two of top coat to help them stay on longer.

Begin by making a straight line of about four rhinestones to make the body of the butterfly.

Then add a rhinestone in the middle to one side of the line.

To the side of that rhinestone, add a slightly curved line of three more rhinestones.

Then add one more line of five rhinestones to complete the wing of the butterfly, adjusting the previous row of rhinestones if necessary to get the final curve you want the wing to have.

Repeat the process on the other side of the line of body rhinestones to complete your butterfly.

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