Monday, April 15, 2013

NOTD/Swatch: SensatioNail Bombshell Beauty

I don't normally like greens much when it comes to nail polish. I don't know why, it's just not a color I gravitate toward. I do have a couple greens in my stash but I don't use them often and most of them I really don't care for. I don't know why I keep some of them - I just don't have the heart to get rid of them. (Wow. I am a true junkie I guess.) I know I keep Julep "Leah" for the name alone. (Every girl needs to own a nail polish that shares her name right?) But being 100% honest, I just don't like the color.

Every so often, though, there is a green I will fall in love with.

Bombshell Beauty from SensatioNail, for example, is a gorgeous light green creme with very subtle hints of silver shimmer. It's a perfect color for spring, which is appropriate since it's part of SensatioNail's spring collection. The other spring colors from SensatioNail are Art Of Seduction, Tease Me Pink (which I will swatch in a couple weeks after this mani has run it's course), and Ultimate Desire. The only one I didn't pick up is Ultimate Desire as it looks a bit too orange for my preferences. (Have y'all ever noticed the major lack of oranges and yellows in my stash? I avoid those more than I avoid green.)

Indoors: Natural, cloudy light, no flash

Outdoors: Natural, cloudy light, no flash

My camera kept wanting to pick up on the blue tones of the polish, which you can see in the second picture which I took outside. The first picture that was taken inside is much truer to the actual color. The main reason I am sharing the outdoors photo too is to show the glossy finish. I really should have used my DSLR for these pictures not my point & shoot but I simply didn't have time to get it set up. Hopefully at some point I can get a better point & shoot for the days I don't have the time to get the DSLR out. In all fairness my point & shoot is a decent camera for "normal" things like getting snapshots at parties and such, it just irks the heck out of me for swatches because it's macro setting doesn't have the focal length I'd prefer and it doesn't allow for custom white balance (which would have erased the blue-toned issue above) but beyond that it's not bad for what I paid for it. (Which was under $100). But anywho...

I am just madly in love with this color right now. I wish I had a sharper eye for the countless shades of colors to describe the shade of green in words (how do some of you know all the billion different shades? seriously?) but since I'm a beauty blogger with eyes that tend to see colors more the way men see them than women do (supposedly) I have to just tell you it's a pretty light green. lol

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