Monday, March 18, 2013

SensatioNail French Manicure Tips

When SensatioNail first came out, one thing everyone seemed to request from them was a white polish to do French manicures. It took a while but SensatioNail has finally expanded their collection of colors quite a bit, and white is included. (I have not picked that one up yet though.) They also developed these French manicure tips, which are supposed to make your at home French manicure really easy and as with all SensatioNail polishes, it's supposed to last "up to 2 weeks".

I have not heard many good things about the French manicure tips, but I s till wanted to try them out for myself.

These tips are NOT like a wrap or acrylic tip/fake nails, it is important that you know that right away. These are just nail color stickers that you apply to the tips of your nails.

The stickers come packed in five individually wrapped strips of 20 tips.

To use the tips, you begin your gel manicure as usual. After you have cured one coat of clear or sheer color gel polish, you remove the moisture layer and then select the required size tip sticker from the sheet. You place the sticker on your nail, press firmly, then use the included file to file off the excess. Then apply and cure your top coat to finish the manicure as usual.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Based on my experience with these tips though, it's not quite so simple. I found that the tips tended to crack when removing them from the plastic sheet and applying them to your nails if you aren't very careful. The sizes included are all quite large, which is cool for those who have wider nailbeds. Mine, however, are fairly narrow. I had to trim the sides of all the stickers to get them to fit my nails.

And then once all was said and done and I had finally finished my manicure with these stickers, it looked decent. For about a day. The next day, despite following the instructions and my year+ experience using SensatioNail gel polishes (which much success), the tips were chipping already. I had not been overly hard on my nails, I hadn't even done any major cleaning or anything yet. I cooked some breakfast, started some laundry, and washed a small load of dishes. And the tips were chipped.

These tips are a great idea. But they simply don't work well, based on my experience with them.

I find that getting a "flawless" French manicure with SensatioNail gels is better achieved by using the Nail Bliss french Wrap Kit for perfect tips, and seal them on with clear or sheer SensatioNail color. Or, just freehand your tips with white (or whatever color suits your fancy - I'm a huge fan of "funky French" manicures!) gel polish. Or of course, if you have the patience, you can utilize regular polish for your gel French, though I find it lasts longer if you do a full gel manicure.You have some options to suit your preferences and your stash though.

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