Monday, March 4, 2013

New Hard Candy Polishes

Has the new line from Hard Candy hit the shelves in your area yet?

Many of the new products are available in my area now, though not all of them. All the new nail polish is available though. I couldn't pass up a couple colors.

All polishes are shown at two coats, no top coat.

The first one to catch my eye that I had to have was Tinsel Town. I have a serious love affair with bar glitters and I have for many, many years. This is a gorgeous full-coverage polish. It's a clear base packed with teal microglitter as well as purple and holographic gold bar glitter. It is surprisingly not gritty feeling without top coat. It does have a slightly textured finish to it, but not as rough as you might expect it to be. I could easily wear this one without top coat and the finish wouldn't bother me, and I have a thing about my nails being smooth.

Sorry for the color being off in this one. Not sure what happened!

The next shade I had to have is Crush On Tin. I'm from Pittsburgh, I think that should say it all. If you don't get it, you're probably not from Pittsburgh. ;-)

Crush on Tin

Crush On Tin is a lovely charcoal based color that's absolutely packed with golden particles. I had a heck of a time photographing this one; the gold stands out much more in person than in the pictures. It's a gorgeous color. And yes, absolutely perfect for a proud Pittsburgh girl!

 And the last one I got is Crush On Lava. Which I mostly got because in the bottle it bears a striking resemblance to the now discontinued Beetle from the old line. I wanted to see just how similar they are.

Crush On Lava is not an exact dupe for Beetle. But it's darned close. Beetle is cooler, with purple in it and a distinct blackened green base, while Crush On Lava is warmer copper-red minus the blacked green, and not as much purple to it.

I tried to get pictures of these two side by side for comparison at several different angles.

The best way to show the differences, pouring a bit of each color side by side. On the left is Beetle and on the right is Crush On Lava. Here you can really see Beetle is lighter and has a definite purple note to it that Crush On Lava does not have.

And lastly here's a peek at all four colors mentioned in this post:

left to right: Crush On Lava, Beetle, Crush On Tin, and Tinsel Town

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