Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nail Bliss Pro French Wrap Kit

Sally's had a 30% off promo for Beauty Club members last month. I made sure I got my 30% off coupon and that I got to the store the day that promo was valid.

One of the things I picked up was a Nail Bliss Pro French Wrap Kit.

The kit is available in two colors: white and black. I opted for the classic white tips this time around. I've been really into nudes, soft colors, and classic French manicures lately so it was the perfect choice for the nail mood I've been in!

The kit comes with everything you need: tips, nail glue, a file, and base and top coat sealers.

The process is really easy. As always you start with clean, dry nails. Select the size tips you need from the kit, then apply the nail glue to the tips of your nails as well as to the backs of the tips. Only the colored portion of the tips needs the glue, the clear portion below that does not stay on your nails, it's just to aid in placing the tips on your nails.

Here is a closer look at the tips in the kit:

Align the tips to your natural nails at the smile line, press firmly from the center out a couple times to adhere the tip to your nail. Then use nail clippers to snip the applicator tip and remove the clear plastic applicator from your nail. The instructions then say to use a dry lint free wipe to remove any excess nail glue - I found this worked better with a little rubbing alcohol on the wipe than a dry wipe.

The tip where the applicator had been will need filed smooth but it only takes a second.

Then you apply a coat of the base sealer followed by a coat or two of the top sealer.

I'm on my second manicure with these tips. The first time around they didn't last long before the base and top sealer were wearing off. I also discovered that the top sealer is not suitable for sealing on nail stickers, as they were peeling off after less than 24 hours.

The second manicure I did I still have on. Instead of using the base and top sealer that came with the kit, I applied the tips as instructed then sealed them on with clear gel polish. It's held up far better that way.

These were ridiculously fast and easy to apply; truly a very easy process that you can do yourself without any trouble. The first manicure I did, I did get a couple of the tips slightly crooked or a little lower on my nails than I really wanted them. But even so it wasn't too bad. The second time around was much better.

First manicure

Second manicure + frosty pink sheer polish

Overall I am really pleased with the kit, and I would buy it again. I'd like to get the black tips next. When used just with the products in the kit, they don't seem to last more than a few days but would be good for a special occasion. If you don't mind sealing them on with gel, they'll last longer.

Kit costs $14.99, $13.49 for Beauty Club members.

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