Wednesday, March 13, 2013

L.A. Colors Glossin Go Lip Gloss

Another purchase from a recent stop in Rite Aid, this lip gloss is designed to easily fit in your pocket for on-the-go touch-ups.

The tube is flat and slender. It reminds me of the Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lip glosses though I never did buy any of those and it's been so long since I saw any of them I can't compare in terms of size but I think they are about the same.

It has a long, flat sponge-tip applicator. I'm not crazy about these applicators, I prefer brushes or the old school doe foot applicators. But I can overlook the applicator since the color is so pretty.

Speaking of the color, the one I got is Whisper. It's a beautiful soft peachy pink. It has a hint of shimmer to it but nothing over the top. It's decently pigmented, it actually does add soft pink color to my lips. Sheer, yes, but discernible nonetheless.  Most glosses similar in tone to this just look clear on my lips. It has a slight tackiness to it but doesn't really feel sticky on the lips, and it's nice and lightweight. It does have a sweet, candy-like fragrance to it. It's not strong or overpowering but it is noticeable. It reminds me of plastic Easter grass; you know how that stuff always has that candy-like smell to it? That's sort of what I think this gloss smells like. For me that's not a bad thing, I've always thought Easter grass smells good. (How crazy am I? lol) 

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