Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hard Candy Glossaholic Swatches

These are from the discontinued line of products from Hard Candy. You might still be able to find them, they are still on the shelves at both the Wal Mart stores in my area. I know some stores don't have any of the old products anymore though.

Glossaholic is one of my favorite lines of lip glosses. You'd never guess that from the above picture though would you? ;-)

I have all but two of the colors from this line, and the only reason I don't have the other two colors is because those particular shades were always sold out. Even before products started selling out because of the items being discontinued, those two shades were just never available. The shades I don't have are Tipsy and Confection. And you will never know how much it bugs me to have all but two colors from this line of glosses. haha

I love these glosses so much though, really. They have a very smooth texture and feel nice and moisturizing on the lips. They have a slight tackiness to them so they have decent staying power for gloss, but they're not sticky. They have extra large doe-foot applicators that I am crazy about; and one dip into the tube results in enough product to generously coat your lips. Love love love them!

Here is a closer look at the colors in the tubes:

And of course, some (paper) swatches:

Chill Out is vanilla scented/flavored clear with blue/green/purple iridescent glitter, Rise & Shine is coffee scented/flavored clear with pink/orange iridescent flakies, and Creamsicle is soft orangey peach creme with pink iridescent shimmer and flakies

Icing is nude/champagne packed with iridescent shimmer and flakies, Fairy is  super soft baby pink packed with pink glitter and iridescent flakies, Lush is peachy pink loaded with pink/orange iridescent flakies and glitter

Fabulous is deep beery red with shimmer and copper/red flakies, Sweet Peach is peach with pink glitter and gold flakies, Fireball is bright red (shows pink in the picture but it is red) with golden flakies, and Gorgeous is creamy mauve with gold/copper flakies 

The glosses all apply sheer, but with noticeable pigmentation. Fairy and Icing are more sheer than the others. If I were really pushed to choose just one favorite color, I don't think I could do it! I love them all!

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