Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Viva La Nails

Last year I got a sample pack of stickers and decals from Viva La Nails to review. I didn't get a chance to do so before my computer died, but that has just given me more time to play with them. I wasn't able to get pictures of most of the manicures I've done using them though, unfortunately.

Here is what was in my sample pack (all sample packs vary)

I didn't get pictures before I had used several of them. Sorry about that. 

And here are some closer pictures of each of the sheets of stickers/decals:

These Halloween themed decals are ridiculously cute! My package didn't arrive till after Halloween had passed though, so I am holding on to them for next Halloween and can't wait to use them!

This sheet has very pretty floral decals, cute for dressing up a basic french manicure or solid color mani!

These floral stickers are cute and simple. I like that some of them already have rhinestones in place but others don't so you can add whatever rhinestones you want to complete the look. They're a little stiff for my liking (average, what you would expect from nail stickers) so they don't quite form to the nail and stay on as well as I would like.

More floral decals. This same sheet had been in my first sample pack from Viva La Nails, and I was happy to see them again as I really like these ones! They're great for adding an extra feminine touch to classic French manis. 

I adore these cute little Christmas themed decals! Very fun and festive, but not crazy or over the top. 
My Christmas mani using some of the Christmas decals
My Christmas mani using some of the Christmas decals

This sheet of butterfly stickers is my favorite! I love the cute little butterflies and the added rhinestones are the perfect colorful touch! These stickers are very flexible and stick to the nails very well. The rhinestones are very small, so they don't stick up much and are barely noticeable if you run your fingers over your nails. I like my nails to feel smooth, so this is a huge plus for me. I fully intend to buy a few sheets of these ones as soon as I'm able to!

There are no instructions provided with any of these - they assume that you know how to apply nail decals. This is not an issue for me because I know how to use them, but if you're not familiar with decals the lack of instructions is a problem. But they're super easy to use, and I often prefer them over stickers. You can slide the decals around on your nails a bit to get them positioned just right, so if you don't get it right initially it's no big deal unlike stickers where you have to be precise and get it right because you can't fix it once it's on your nail.

To use nail decals, trim around the image you want to use, then remove the clear plastic top sheet. Place the image into a small dish of slightly warm water for a few seconds. The image should slide off the paper backing easily - if it is not sliding easily from the paper let it soak in the water a little longer. Position the decal on your nails and once you have it placed where you want, dab gently with a paper towel or tissue to absorb the excess water. Seal with top coat.

I love the sample packs from Viva La Nails - it's fun to know you'll be getting some pretty nail art supplies but since each pack is different you don't know exactly what you'll be getting, making the arrival of the package something to really look forward to!

Viva La Nails offers sample packages to bloggers and youtubers occasionally for free, you only have to pay shipping. There are currently no sample packs available, when they are made available they tend to sell out fast. Keep an eye on this url for the sample packs:

And of course you can always shop for nail art supplies on the Viva La Nails web site at

Items in this post were received for free in exchange for this post as per the terms on the Viva La Nails web site. 

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