Monday, February 4, 2013

Swatches: Pure Ice

I should have had these swatches posted back in December, but since my computer died I was not able to do it. These are a couple of colors that Pure Ice has discontinued. I have still seen a few of them around in my area but they are definitely getting harder to find now, so you may have a little trouble finding these in your area. I have not seen any of the new colors from Pure Ice yet but I'm hoping that the stores around here will start stocking them soon, the pictures I have seen so far, some of them are really beautiful!

Desire You: Described as "Pearl grey purple" to my eye it's a soft, dusty lilac. Very pretty and feminine, one of my favorites!

Pink Ice: I actually can't find this one listed anywhere on their site so I can't say with certainty if it is discontinued or not, but it was in the package I received with the other discontinued shades featured in this post so I will assume it is discontinued as well. This is a pretty sheer, shimmery barely there pink.

Watermelon Ice: Described as "Pearl Melon Pink" this is a shimmery pink. It's like a bolder version of Pink Ice.

Tease: "Sheer Magenta" is the description from Pure Ice. This is a beautiful blue based bright pink with flashes of blue shimmer.

Iced Merlot: "Burgandy with gold microglitter" - This is a lovely shimmery deep wine red. There is no gold to my bottle though, only silver that is more of a shimmer than microglitter. Still a lovely shade.

Mint Dream: Described as "White sheer irridescent green", Pure Ice's description is spot on for this one.

For the full list of Pure Ice shades that have been discontinued or renamed for 2013, click here.

All of the polishes in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatches.

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