Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

Say hello to my little blue friend:

I've been swayed into trying countless other products over the years, but I ALWAYS come back to Noxzema. It's affordable, effective, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

My first memories of Noxzema are with my mom and my sister, when I was just a tiny little thing. I was maybe three years old, my sister nine. Noxzema was our mom's choice of cleanser so naturally my sister wanted to use it to. Which compelled me to want to use it and be a big girl like them. LOL I remember my mom applying it to her own face first, then my sister's, and finally mine. And then we'd all sit for a while, talking and laughing and looking silly. And after about ten minutes we would wash it off and our faces would be so soft, clean, and glowing.

I used to stray from it fairly often, just because I loved to try the new things perpetually hitting the shelves. But as I'm getting a little older I find I'm sticking with it more and other items are less tempting. It's just what works for me and I'd rather stick with what I know works than try something new that may not work well for me. Of course I do still try new things from time to time, I've just learned to be more selective when trying new things rather than trying anything and everything simply because it was new.

Besides using it for it's intended purpose, I also use it to help battle acne when it's flaring up. As soon as I notice that first dreaded little spot, I start applying the Noxzema a couple times a day. I just rub a little in like a cream, and don't rinse it off. Might not work for everyone of course but I've found it to be pretty effective for me so it's a staple for that purpose now as well.

It's also awesome for helping to heal sunburn. Even the most diligent sunblock users have days when they forget, or the sun is more intense and before you know it you look a bit like a cooked lobster. I know some folks swear by aloe vera gel for sunburn, but I find it doesn't help to heal the burn any faster it only cools the burn temporarily. And it leaves sticky residue. Massaging some Noxzema into the affected area(s) helps cool the burn and also seems to help heal it a bit faster.

I love a good product, and when it has more than one use that makes it even better.

Are you a Noxzema fan?

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