Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Things In Order

Hello all! I am finally back online, thanks to my amazing uncle who bought me a new (used) computer! I am still hoping to get a new laptop at some point, but I still have Jenna's vet bill to contend with first as well as other debts, and now I'm in some desperate need of a trip to the dentist and the eye doctor. When it rains, it pours, yes?

Speaking of the eye doctor, whenever I do manage to go I will be going to a new doctor. My old doctor, whom I adored, is no longer in the area. My last visit was with her replacement. I didn't like her - and she misread my chart and scolded me for wearing my contacts incorrectly as a result of that misreading. I was in extended wear contacts, and she thought I wasn't. A simple error, perhaps... but, call me crazy, I can't trust a doctor of any sort who misreads my chart because they're in so much of a rush they can't take their time looking it over. I swear the woman hardly glanced at my chart before beginning the exam. That was one thing I liked about my previous doctor, she took her time with her patients. I've found a new doctor to try out though and I am hoping he'll be a good one. He took care of my dad in an emergency situation last year and my dad seems pleased with how things went, so I am optimistic.

Wondering what all this has to do with a beauty blog?

Well. I guess it doesn't have much to do with a beauty blog really. But it does lead up to this: the new doctor I will be going to (just as soon as I can figure out how to pay for it!) does not just regular eye exams, he also does Lasik. My last doctor (and the woman who replaced her) had told me I'm an excellent candidate for it. It's something I am giving serious thought. I absolutely abhor my glasses, for numerous reasons. They get in the way, they slip and slide down my nose all day, they fog up, they get dirty... they're just a big fat pain in the rear. I much prefer contacts but I hate that at the end of the day, or on days when the contacts are irritating my eyes, I take them out and need to go back to the glasses. I'm pretty darned blind without one or the other. (At the time, I have only glasses and no contacts.) Here's the one little bit where it's beauty related: this makes putting makeup on quite a feat. I can't see what I'm doing - if I'm close enough to the mirror to see what I'm doing, there's not nearly enough room between my face and the mirror to be able to actually apply the makeup. (I can laugh at this but at the same time it's quite sad, really.)

So, I've been thinking and thinking about Lasik. I know that it does not always correct vision 100%, and sometimes glasses or contacts are still necessary afterward. But... oh gosh what a thought, to wake up and open your eyes and be able to SEE without needing to fumble for glasses or stumble to the bathroom to put contacts in first! The idea of having surgery done on one's eyes, though... oy. Freaks me the heck out. I can't help feeling like it would be worth it though, for the chance to not need these darned glasses or contacts anymore!

Have any of you had Lasik done? Thoughts, opinions, anything on the matter? I will of course speak with the doctor at length about it when I am able to see him for an exam. I'm just looking for some input from anyone who has had the procedure done.


I'll be getting back to regular posting asap. I have a couple sponsored posts I need to get to before anything else. So I'm going to try to get those ready as soon as possible this week, and then once those couple of posts are out of the way I've got a list of other posts to tackle over the next few weeks.

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