Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guest NOTD

My sister's been asking me to give her a manicure for well over a year, now. We would forget about it or simply not have the time. So today when I was visiting her briefly, we made sure that the manicure was the most important part of the visit! She requested a gold and red gradient. I took all my reds and golds with me and let her pick the shades she wanted. For the red she chose Julep "Demi" (one of my favorites!) and for the gold Pure Ice "Jaguar".

I never thought to get pictures of it though (and I didn't have my camera with me anyway) but my sister snapped a couple pictures with her cell phone so that I could share.

Doesn't my sis have lovely nails? =D

My sister is a fellow blogger as well, though her niche is knitting. So if any of you are fellow knitters, stop by her blogs, I am sure you'll love them! (I know I am constantly referring to them for my knitting projects!)

The Weekly Stitch

She also does the YouTube thing, so if you're interested you can hop on over to her YT channel.

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