Friday, November 23, 2012


Jenna is no longer in pain.

The first round of antibiotics did not help so she spent a night at the vets to have some biopsies done and upon coming home she was to take a stronger antibiotic and she also needed pain pills as well.

For a while she seemed like she was getting better.

Yesterday however she stopped eating, and she was in a lot of pain despite the pain medication. She got very sick. We got her biopsy results today. It was not breast cancer as originally suspected, though it was cancer. I can't remember what kind the vet said it was; he said he's never seen a case like Jenna's though. The cancer she had usually would affect the mouth/facial region but for whatever reason it was in her breast tissue. It was very, very bad. It hit her fast and hard. Chemo would not have helped it, only radiation. But it was such a large mass that even the radiation would not have helped it.

There was only one thing we could do for her at this point and that was to euthanize her. Once we got off the phone with the vet, we spent just a few more minutes with her before leashing her one last time and heading back to the vet for her last trip.

We chose to be with her during the euthanization. It was a heartbreakingly difficult thing to do but we owed her that much, to be there with her in her quiet, final moments. She spent almost nine years with us, comforting us in times of need. She deserved the same from us. I couldn't watch her get the shot of course... I closed my eyes when that time came. But I kept my hand on her head rubbing her ears... till long after the vet told us it was done and had left the room to give us privacy before we pulled ourselves together enough to be leave.

We also chose to have her cremated. We will get a call from the vet when her ashes have been returned and are ready to be picked up. I have picked out a cremation necklace that I would like to have, I've made some keepsakes with her paw print as well.

I miss my girl terribly. But at least she is no longer in pain.

Her Gofundme page will remain active as even though she is gone now, the vet bill remains and we need some help to pay that off. The link to that page, if anyone would like to help us (even if all you can do to help is share the link) is

I just want to thank you all for your kind words and love over the past couple of weeks. It's been difficult, and today has by far been the hardest. I appreciate your love, support, and understanding so much more than you will ever know.

My heart is broken. I know time will ease the pain, but I also know it never FULLY goes away. Life goes on, but for now I need a little time.

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