Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Request *Updated November 15th 6:45 PM*

This is not beauty related by any means. I know I've not posted for a while, however my heart is not in it for a "normal" post right now.

My dog Jenna has been sick. We started her on antibiotics hoping that would take care of things but her condition has gotten worse. She was not due back to the vet for another week but Monday she got really sick so we scheduled an appointment for today instead. She most likely has cancer. She's staying at the vet to have some biopsies done. It does not look good right now though.

My heart is breaking. I can't bear to lose her. She's 8 years old. She's been my comfort through so much in those years.

Please pray for my Jenna girl.

November 15th 6:45 PM Update:

Jenna is home from the vet's and settled in. We will have the results of her biopsies next week. Our vet is currently on vacation so his partner is the vet who took care of her today prior to us picking her up to bring her home, and he is who we spoke to about where she is now and what our next step may be. Both vets feel sure that the biopsy results will indicate canine breast cancer.

For now, Jenna has some very strong antibiotics to take as well as pain medication. If the vets are right and she does in fact have cancer, our vet can perform surgery to remove the cancer. We do not yet have an estimated cost for this, we will get an estimate next week when we talk to the vet about the results.

I don't know how we're going to pay for this. The current vet bill from Jenna's initial visit and this most recent visit is about $534. We do not have that kind of money... As the vet requires payment at the time any treatment is provided, thus far I have used a medical care credit card to pay for Jenna's treatment. I do not have much credit left on said card, definitely not enough even without that current balance due on it to cover surgery.

I don't know what to do. I've set up a page for Jenna on Gofundme, but I don't know that it will be of any help. I do know it can't possibly hurt to try. I hate asking for help this way; I feel like people won't believe me that I genuinely need the help or they will look down on me for it... but the simple truth is I really, really need help right now.

If you can help us out, please... if nothing else just pass on the link to Jenna's Gofundme page as much as you can:

I tried to get these to post to the Gofundme page as proof of the vet bills, but they were not showing up with the updates for some reason. For both photos, I've edited out our personal details for privacy but you can see the dates and costs. I want to note that these say that they were paid with cash - my vet's computer system registers credit card payments as cash. As I said above, I have been using a medical care credit card for this...

This is from Jenna's initial visit on November 7th.

This is from Jenna's most recent visit, on November 14th which she was admitted for treatment and had to stay the night. We brought her home and got her medications on the 15th. The -200.00 shown is the down payment that was required on the 14th.

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