Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

Argan oil is some seriously amazing stuff. I love it to bits. So any time I see a product that has argan oil in it, it's hard for me to pass up trying it.

This product claims that it can make your hair 10 times smoother and your hair will "stay sleek" for 3 days even in 97% humidity.

This can be used on wet, damp or dry hair. It says on the bottle "In the shower for added conditioning, apply it when you condition your hair. Out of the shower, work it through damp hair as a leave-in for softness and easy styling. After blow drying use it to tame frizz and add shine."

Well first of all, the "apply when you condition" is rather vague. There are several possible ways in which you could choose to do this, and I tried every way I could think of just to see which way would work best. You might call it over-thinking or making things more difficult than they are, I call it being thorough. ;-) I found that, for my hair, it seemed to work best when I applied my conditioner first and did not rinse, then applied some of the oil and let it all sit on my hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

The first couple times I used this oil, I hated it. I don't like the fragrance. It's not that it's a bad fragrance, necessarily... I just don't care for it. Strike one. It didn't make my hair extra soft or shiny after the first use either, like you might expect it to. With continued use though, I can tell a difference. I prefer using it when I condition my hair rather than on my hair once it's been dried. It seems like the scent of it doesn't linger quite as long that way, plus it mixes with the fragrance of my conditioner in a way that makes it more bearable. I feel like it is distributed through my hair a little better this way too. (Bear in mind my hair is uber thick and hip length; I imagine those with shorter hair would not have to worry about this!) I use it twice a week in the shower, and occasionally I'll also use it when my hair is dry to give a little extra shine. The day I use it and the day after, my hair is noticeably softer. After that though, not so much.

I can't really speak for how well the results hold up in high humidity as my hair's high humidity frizz is kept at bay already with the shampoo and conditioner I use, and my hair is almost always in an up-do of some sort or at the very least it's in a braid.

I like that it really does sink in right away, and any product left on your hands can be rubbed in and it'll make your skin softer without any greasy feeling left behind. That's a big plus for me - I don't like when a hair product leaves my hands feeling sticky or greasy. This sinks right in to your skin and hair both, so no icky feeling after using it.

Overall, it's a decent product. I don't love it. But I don't hate it either, after using it for a while. I think I could love it if it had a different fragrance or no fragrance at all. I wish the softness lasted longer too but two days is not bad. Honestly it's the fragrance that just ruins this product for me. But not so much that I won't finish up the bottle. I will not repurchase though because of the fragrance.

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