Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Penguin Makeup Challenge: Black & Color

I wasn't able to do quite what I wanted for this one. If I had used a different color I could have. But when I realized I didn't have what I needed, it was too late and the look was mostly complete and I really didn't want to start over. I'll explain after the pictures. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion as always, both colors of eye shadow used for this look are from an e.l.f. palette that I got for Christmas. I packed more of the aqua color on the lid and used only a tiny bit in the crease and blended it out toward the brow. Then I applied a thin line of black Too Faced Lava Gloss liner and smudged it, and went over it lightly with black eye shadow to soften it further. I also took the black shadow into the outer v and crease just a bit. Then I lined again with black Eyeko Grafitti liner to enhance the lash line a little. Lightly smudged the aqua shadow along the lower lash line and a touch of black on the outer edge of the lower last line.

And then I had to improvise. I had wanted to use lash glue to put a couple small glitter stars where the hearts art. And then I realized, I'm out of the black glitter stars. So I used the Eyeko liner to freehand hearts, and then filled them in with the aqua shadow applied wet.

Finished it all off with a coat of Too Faced Lashgasm mascara.

 Just one more part to this challenge left, and as of now I still don't know what I will be doing for that one. Hopefully I can come up with something good!

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