Friday, August 3, 2012


My friend Lacy suggested this design for me the other day. I thought it was cute so had to do it. =) My natural nails are little nubbins at the moment (ah, the joys of broken nails thanks to housework!) so I had to turn to the glue-ons for this one. Not that I mind it too terribly much; I hate when my nails are short. And that's why I keep a box of glue-ons handy anyway.

Granted this is not the best job I could have done. My striping brush kicked the bucket some time ago and I have yet to replace it. (I know. Should always have more than one anyway.) So I had to resort to a toothpick for the stripes. And like that wasn't enough, I also made the mistake of waiting till evening to paint them. Which means I did not have nearly enough light to see what I was doing. All things considered though, not awful I suppose. I will have to do this one again once I get a new striping brush, and in the daylight so I can see. The results will be infinitely better that way. And it also did not occur to me, for some reason, till I had finished painting the last nail that the "laces" ought to be reversed if we're going for realistic here. I'll just claim artistic license on this one. ;-)

I put my Milani 3D Holographic polishes to use for this manicure; hadn't used them in a while. Left to right is Digital, Cyberspace, HD, and Hi-Res. I also used Hi-Tech (green) on my thumbs, however I didn't photograph that one because something funky is going on with that one. It dried matte. And it shouldn't have. And then even though I applied a coat of clear prior to adding the white so the colors wouldn't bleed into the white... it still bled anyway and the white turned light green. Anyway, I used some black micro pearls from Bundle Monster for the little eyelets - far faster and easier than attempting to make such tiny dots with polish and a dotting tool. Or toothpick as the case may be.

I'll be doing a "spun sugar" manicure very soon. Anyone else done that one? I love it. I've done it several times. It's a little time consuming but so fun! Is a tutorial needed? I haven't done any tutorials in a long, long time.

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