Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thinning Seche Vite

I know, I know.... Seche Vite is not 'big 3 free'. I really shouldn't be using it. But the quick dry top coats I've tried that are big 3 free don't work for me. There are still a couple I need to try (I plan to hit up Sally's soon) but in the mean time, I'm using up my last bottle of Seche Vite. It's about half gone now. If I find a suitable big 3 free quick dry top coat before it's gone, I'll be tossing it.

I know a lot of ladies love Seche Vite. Believe me I do too. But the fact that the bottle itself has a warning about it containing an ingredient that can cause birth defects if used by pregnant women... no thank you. Surely there's a big 3 free quick dry top coat out there that actually works as well as the Seche. And if there in fact is one, I WILL find it.

But till I can get to Sally's (hopefully later this week) to try something else the bottle I have now is (well, was) thick and goopey. As always happens with the stuff by the time you're half way through the bottle. Everyone who has posted about this issue has sworn up and down you cannot use a regular nail polish thinner with the Seche Vite, you HAVE to use Seche Restore.


We all know how I feel about that kind of nonsense.

So. I put a few drops of my Beauty Secrets nail polish thinner in the bottle. Shook it up really well to mix it up. Then let it sit a while for all the air bubbles to settle. And tested it. And do you know what happened?


I did not ruin the Seche Vite by using a regular polish thinner instead of Seche Restore. It works perfectly. Exactly as it's meant to. The bottle did not self implode. The moon didn't fall out of the sky. The grass didn't turn purple. It was not the end of the world to use regular thinner instead of the Seche Restore, as you'd think might happen based on how some folks out there have preached about "only use Seche Restore to thin Seche Vite!"  And you know what? Even if it had not worked, the world would not have come to a screeching halt because of it. I'd have simply had a bottle of top coat that didn't work as it should.

So for those of you who do still love your Seche Vite and have no worries about the ingredients, you can probably thin it with regular polish remover rather than investing in Seche Restore with no worries. I can't speak for all thinners of course since I only use the Beauty Secrets one. But I really doubt the results would be different with other brands of thinner. If you don't want to risk ruining the Seche Vite, just pour some into an empty bottle and test it out with a small amount first to be sure.

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