Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Julep's The Best Pedi Creme Ever!

(This is a scheduled post while I am on vacation)

When you join Julep Maven, your introductory box includes The Best Pedi Creme Ever! (Edit: The intro boxes have changed since this post was made. This product may not be included in your intro box, but it is still available in the online shop.)

When my intro box came, I was not particularly in need of any foot/pedicure creams or lotions. But when you get something new it's always fun to test it out. This lotion (or cream, if you prefer... but at the end of the day it is essentially the same thing and for this post I am calling this product a lotion) has a very thick, rich texture and a rather pleasing light cucumber mint fragrance.

What Julep says about this product: Exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticeable results in just 1 to 2 uses.

What I thought about it: Will you really get noticeable results after just one or two uses? YES. But fast results are not the only important factor in a lotion. LASTING results are just as important. I'm sorry to say that The Best Pedi Creme Ever! does not provide LASTING results, and in my case this stuff actually made things worse. Allow me to explain further...

When I got this, I didn't need it. My feet were soft and in good condition from my usual body care routine. No dry or rough patches on these tootsies at all. But as part of my usual routine is applying lotions daily (though sometimes I will forget/skip a day or two) I figured I would swap my usual lotions for this. I used it for about a week. I skipped a day after a particularly exhausting day when I didn't feel like dealing with the usual pre-bed lotion routine and I just wanted to crash. The very next day, after skipping The Best Pedi Creme Ever! just once, my feet were super dry! I went back to using it every night for another week, and then, just to see, I skipped a night. Once again, after skipping just one night my feet were super dry. I skipped a second night in a row and the next morning... oi. It was not pretty! My feet were super rough and cracked. Now, considering that I did NOT have any issues prior to using this lotion, I know that the lotion is the source of the trouble. .

Maybe I'm crazy but I don't like products that you can't STOP using (for any reason) without suffering in some way... I just really do not like products that you have to keep using once you start using them in order to maintain the results. Especially when that product is expensive, as is this lotion.

I held off on mentioning the price till now, but of course at this point price must be mentioned. $22 for the 2 oz bottle pictured in this post. If you are a Maven, you will get a small discount on this price and free shipping, but it's still going to be a very pricey lotion. For those who are not Mavens, you're looking at $22 plus whatever the shipping is.

I know some ladies love this lotion and it's worked wonders for them. But it just is not for me, especially considering how expensive it is. Even if I had not had a bad experience with it, it's not a nice enough lotion to warrant such a hefty price tag. There are tons of other lotions out there that cost far less but work better.

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