Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette

I've been curious about these concealer palettes for a long time. I ran out of my favorite mineral correcting powders and am always on the hunt for a good concealer. I figured that a palette containing both corrective colors and concealing colors could be a good thing. These palettes are available in two shades - Fair (what I got) and Medium. Each palette contains three shades of concealer and three corrective colors: green, yellow and pink.

Packaging is cute enough. There are complaints about the attached brush. Valid complaints. The brush is a bit useless, honestly. But I was not worried about that because I already have three concealer brushes in my arsenal anyway. If you don't like the brush being attached, the cord can be untied (or cut) very easily to remove it. Ultimately not a big deal. But the quality of the brush leaves a lot to be desired, and it's not shaped for good concealer application.I am keeping it to use as a lip brush though... it's actually not too bad for that use. Not great, but it is better at applying lippies than applying concealer!

I think some instruction should be provided somewhere on the packaging as to how to use the corrective colors, as not everyone knows what each of these colors will do. Green is used to help cancel out redness (think to help cover pimples), yellow will help cancel out blue (under eye circles for example) and can brighten up warm complexions. Most makeup junkies know this already. The pink seems to be what people don't know what to do with based on the reviews I've read. The pink is used to brighten up sallow (yellow) complexions.

As for how the actual product performs... not so well. They are not as thick and creamy as you might expect them to be from the way they are packaged. They're actually thin and almost watery in consistency. These are difficult to blend and didn't help conceal anything at all.

Here is a picture of the colors in the shade with no flash:

Left top to bottom: concealers light, medium and dark Right top to bottom: corrective colors green, yellow and pink

They actually don't look too bad in that picture. It's a trick of light... Here is another picture but with flash, where you can see the thin texture better:
Left top to bottom: concealers light, medium and dark Right top to bottom: corrective colors green, yellow and pink

These palettes are $8. I would suggest spending the money on something else.

I have been working with this for two weeks, trying hard to get it to work for me but it just does not do the job I need it to do. All is not lost here though... I'll clean out the palette and use it for some homemade lippies. And then I'll have a cute, custom lip color palette. Remember how I said the brush that comes with this would make a better lip brush? It works out in the end.

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