Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

(If you missed my first post on "Tough As Taupe" click here to see it.)

I picked up two more of these, after deciding I liked Tough As Taupe a lot. I decided that I had to also have the Bold Gold and.... and.... Painted Purple.

I know. *groan* "Don't do it!" I told myself. "You've seen the reviews. And the swatches. Put it back on the shelf. PUT IT BACK!" I yelled silently. But it's purple. I love purple.

Both pictures were taken outdoors in the shade with no flash.

Bold Gold is gorgeous. It's shimmery and beautiful, and glides on flawlessly. It wears better alone than Tough As Taupe, but I still prefer to apply it over a primer.

Painted Purple, on the other hand...  Truthfully, it's not quite as awful as some reviews have made it out to be. But it's certainly not as good as other colors from the line; not as pigmented or creamy. With the other colors, you can sweep the product on and be done with it. Painted Purple you HAVE to tap it on instead. If you try to sweep it on you'll only be disappointed. But if you tap it on, you will have far better results. Still not quite as pigmented and wonderful as you might hope for, but wearable.

I'm glad I ignored the awful reviews to pick it up. Again, I love purple, It's one of my favorite colors. But it's not great, that much I can attest to. Like the others it only wears ok on it's own, you really still need a primer for it to last. (I do anyway. I know a lot of ladies love these shadows because they can skip primer when they use them. My lids must be oily, I guess?)

As far as the 24 hour lasting power? Well. As I believe I said in my post about Tough As Taupe... we are not really supposed to be sleeping with our makeup on anyway, are we? So, I can't say if it lives up to 24 hours of wear, as mine's been taken off at the end of the day. (I am getting better at always doing this. Such a bad habit, just going to sleep with makeup on...)

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