Sunday, July 15, 2012

Makeup Storage

* Before I get to this post, a couple totally unrelated notes. First being, Blogger ate my signature image. *shrug* It's still in my files on here, but it's vanished from the posts and been replaced with a big ugly black box with a white triangle and exclamation point in the middle. I don't know what happened. I wanted to get a new signature image made anyway but that did not mean I wanted the old one to go bonkers. But I got the new image made and loaded, so it's good to go on all posts from this point on. As for the old posts.... that stupid 'missing image' box is gonna be there forever I guess. Till I get irritated enough by it to manually go through all my posts (YIKES!) and remove it/replace it with the new image.

Also, I am going to be leaving town for a little while soon. I'm working on getting some posts scheduled to publish every couple days during my time away. I have been needing a break very badly, and a little mini vacation with my family is not exactly what I hoped for but maybe it's exactly what I need.

Now. On to the good stuff!

My stash can be a bit unruly if I get lazy about things, or if I get too 'shop happy' and buy more than I ought to be buying in any given stretch of time. I try not to buy something unless I really need it (like primer, mascara) or if it's something really unique that I don't already have something similar already. But sometimes you just forget. Just forgetting is probably not much of an excuse to have three of the exact same lipstick or two of the same eye shadows or fifteen shades of pink nail polish so similar they may as well be the same even though they are each very subtly their own unique color....

Hence the reason I recently cleared out my stash and tossed old items, and let some friends have a field day picking out the things that I had barely touched. (I swear my friends never have to spend money on makeup or nail polish themselves, they can just come to me the couple times a year I go through my stash and "clean house"! lol)

Even after de-stashing, I still have quite a bit on my hands though. Naturally. What kind of self respecting makeup addict doesn't have far more makeup than she honestly needs? ;-)

But with great makeup comes great need for storage. I had previously just had one small train case. But it didn't even hold half my stash. Even after clearing things out there was too much for one train case.

So I recently bought a second train case. Now I have all my makeup in the two train cases, and I also keep a basket with my 'most used' items and any 'almost gone' items that I want to finish in. I still have a couple palettes that don't fit into the train cases that I have to leave out. But it's nice to have everything else tidy and organized in the train cases and basket.

This is the train case I've had for several years. It was a gift from my mom. =)

The new train case. Who can resist hot pink with black lace?!

How do you store/organize your makeup?

And, how do you store your nail polish? I really need some ideas on the nail polish storage because at the moment.... well. You don't even want to know how I am storing my nail polish at the moment. It's just not right. LOL

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