Friday, July 20, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow

Left to right: Endless Pearl, Eternal Sunshine and Iced Latte

I love these eye shadows! I currently have the three pictured above. I would not mind having more. They are ridiculously silky. They are powders but they have a very creamy texture. They're well pigmented and apply beautifully. I can't say if they last 24 hours (as I said in my last post about the Maybelline 24 hour shadows, we really should not be sleeping with makeup on anyway!) but I can say they last all day... even without primer. Without primer there is some minimal fading after several hours, but it's not much and there is even less creasing to speak of. They can survive quite a bit - I've worn them when working out and they have survived. These are my ultimate go-to shadows for when I'm in a rush and need to be able to swipe something on in a hurry! I do want to note that I just apply these with my fingers. I've tried brushes, but they do not seem to apply as well that way. The texture of these is just so different; I'm not quite sure of how else to explain it other than saying it's a powder but it's creamy. That probably is not helpful, but it's all I can think of!

Something else I love about these is that the colors are very buildable. You can apply a small amount for a softer, more sheer wash of color. Or you can layer it on for a bolder pop of color.

They come with these little... well. I don't know what you'd call it? It says not to discard it. So I've kept it. I have to be honest and say I do not see the purpose of it, other than using it to tamp down the product a bit maybe? I dunno. But if it says not to get rid of it, I'm not getting rid of it. lol 

Endless Pearl is a very pretty almost matte ivory shade. It has a very subtle hint of a pearly finish to it. It's almost impossible to see in the swatch below, and I apologize for that. But that's why I got this color - it's my ultimate 'not wearing makeup' eye shadow that I like to sweep on from lash line to brow for the absolute softest makeup look for me. This is practically my skin tone in eye shadow form - it is about an exact match. (Now why can't I find foundation this shade? LMAO) It's a bit warmer than it looks in the picture above.

Eternal Sunshine is a shimmery, pale gold. Super gorgeous! It has some warm notes to it as well that make it very wearable for any skin tone, I should think. I love it on my pale ass skin that's for sure but I've got to say that I think this one would be absolutely amazing on those of you with dark complexions!

And last but not least, Iced Latte is a frosty, shimmery champagne shade. It's almost metallic looking when you layer it on. Similar in tone to the Endless Pearl but a touch cooler. This is another one I got for the fact that it's close to my skin tone, but with the frosty finish (which when applied lightly is more like a shimmer than frost) it's what I imagine my skin would look like if I were a fairy or a mermaid or some other mythical creature with shimmery, glowy skin. (I'm weird sometimes I know. lol)

Here's a swatch over bare skin, no primer. Top to bottom: Endless Pearl, Eternal Sunshine, and Iced Latte.

All pictures were taken in the shade with no flash.

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