Monday, July 23, 2012

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

(This is a scheduled post while I am on vacation)

Recently, Julep caught some flack on their Facebook page when one of the new colors released in the July boxes looked "exactly the same" as an older color *in the bottle*. Many ladies who happen to have both colors posted and assured everyone that on the nail the colors, while similar, are distinctly different. I do not have either of the colors in question, so I can't say one way or another. At least one person commented that "How can it be different on the nail when it looks exactly the same in the bottle?"

I thought we'd ALL been through this, but based on this comment it's obvious some have not been so unfortunate. You spot an amazing looking polish. You buy it. You get home and excitedly apply it, only to find that once on your nail, it looks nothing like it did in the bottle.

Most often, this is simply a matter of a lack of opacity, where in the bottle it looks amazing but it applies in a sheer wash of color instead.

However, there are times when that's not what happens. I'm not sure what the cause of this could be - perhaps the nail polish base used, or the type of colorant... whatever it is, after reading the comments on Julep's facebook wall about this recently I decided that I wanted to make a post about this issue. Because it just so happens, I have a nail polish that is PERFECT for showcasing why what you see in the bottle does not necessarily mean anything at all. Granted this does not happen often... all I am saying is that it DOES happen.

While the polish I am using as my example in this post is a cheapy polish, I've had similar experiences a few times over the years with more expensive polishes. I got this in a dollar bin around Christmas time to toss in my oldest niece's stocking... she didn't want it though. So I ended up keeping it for myself.

In the bottle, it's a sky blue creme with the tiniest hint of shimmer to it.

But on the nail, once it dries...

It's a deeper shade of sky blue, and it's METALLIC.

Pretty, yes. But not at all what you're expecting based off the bottle color.

Now with that said, for $1 this nail polish turned out to be ok, but for that price I did not expect anything from it. The brush is awful, the formula thick and a bit streaky (two coats pictured) and while it is supposed to be scented... it's not. It does however have a weird smell while applying it. But once it dries it doesn't smell like anything anymore. But as I said it was a quick stocking stuffer for my niece and she's still young enough that quality does not matter to her quite so much as just getting to have her own nail polish to feel like she's more grown up than she is. (Her favorite color used to be blue but that changed sometime between her birthday and Christmas a whopping month later. Hence the reason she did not want it. Kids are so funny sometimes!)

Anyway the moral of  the story is, just as I was taught when I was growing up to never judge a book by it's cover (meaning to not judge a person by their appearance) - you should not judge a nail polish by it's bottle!

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