Saturday, June 16, 2012

Easing Back Into Blogging

Wow. What a crazy year this is proving to be! The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU to you, reading this right now. Yes, YOU. Thank you all so much for sticking with me through all my craziness, even though most of you don't know what has been happening in my life the past several months and more recently in the last couple of weeks. Your support has been amazing, and I appreciate it so much more than I can adequately express. So many of you have been emailing me with support and love... and I am just amazed and so touched. I think I have responded to everyone who e-mailed me individually, but if I missed you please know it was not intentional and your words were not missed or ignored. Everything has been overwhelming lately and I may have missed a few e-mails when I was responding. But if you did not hear back from me please, please know that I appreciate your words and I am grateful you took time to contact me. xoxo

I still have an awful lot to deal with, however I have neglected this blog far too long. So I am going to try to ease back into regular blogging. Beginning with this post, I am going to try for one post each week and I'll just go from there. It is just more doable this way than to try to get back to blogging every day/every other day like I used to, especially since I still have so much going on.

So. Before getting into 'the good stuff' of this post, I once again want to say thank you to everyone for all the love and support and understanding you have offered. You really don't know just what it means to me, and I am so incredibly grateful!

Now... on to the beauty related portion of this post. My personal top soft skin secret weapon...

Yep. Baby oil. I have a fondness for lotions and cremes and such as much as the next woman, however NOTHING has ever left my skin as soft and silky as baby oil. I also really like Keri Bath Oil however it's hard to find in my area and my last bottle ran out so it's back to trusty baby oil for me!

I like the baby oil GEL because it's less messy and far easier to use. And I favor the lavender fragrance, but really any of them will do no matter what fragrance you like and whether you like to use the traditional liquid oil or the gel formula.

I apply the baby oil immediately after showering. As in BEFORE toweling off. And it's important to note that again regardless of the formula/fragrance you use a little goes a very long way so be careful not to over-do it. This is a big part of why I prefer the gel formula - you have more control over how much you are dispensing/using. I use about a pea size drop for each arm and about twice that for each leg. I take my time and massage it into my skin a bit before toweling dry. I use this after EVERY shower. Because you use so little, one bottle will last a long time. Even if you use it daily it ought to last at least a couple months.

Because I am sure someone will ask.... I normally shower in the mornings. The baby oil is moisturizing enough that it keeps my skin soft all day without needing to apply lotion. I will sometimes apply lotion after toweling off, but not usually. If I do it's typically a perfumed lotion like Kenzo Amour, Victoria's Secret Sexy etc. not just a regular scented lotion from Bath & Body Works or the like. (The fragrance in perfumed lotions is stronger and meant to last a lot longer than regular scented lotions. This is why I will opt for a perfumed lotion in the mornings rather than a typical lotion - all about the lasting power of the fragrance!) I do occasionally shower in the evenings if I have had a particularly icky day, like working in the garden or if I've chosen to exercise later in the day instead of in the morning. When I shower in the evenings, I apply the baby oil as usual and get into my pj's and let the oil sink into my skin for an hour or so while I finish up with other pre-bed things. Then right before bed I apply whatever lotion I pick out. I ALWAYS apply lotion before bed though regardless of whether I showered in the morning or the evening.

And I know someone will want to ask this as well: Before I started this routine, my skin was always dry, and I often found even with the best of lotions/cremes etc. I would have to apply them several times through the day for my skin to get/stay soft and moisturized. I don't have that issue with the baby oil, and my skin is now always nice and soft without having to apply lotion all the time. Does not mean it will work well for everyone of course, but this has been my experience with it. I can't imagine ever stopping this routine, because it's been amazing. I've been doing this for about a year now. My skin is also sensitive, I feel that is worth mentioning.

I want to note that you will want to make sure you are OUT of the shower/bath tub when you use baby oil or any bath oil like this. I know a lot of folks who apply their bath oils while still standing in the shower/tub, however I think it is far safer to step out to apply oils. If you apply them while in the shower/tub you might spill some (especially if it is liquid not the gel) and then you (or someone else) might slip and fall. So please keep that in mind if you use bath oils, and only apply them outside of the shower/tub for your safety and the safety of others in your household who share your bathroom.

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