Monday, May 21, 2012

Julep Maven

I've been such a bad beauty blogger this year, I know. I'm sorry about that. Things are pure chaos anymore. Lots of medical issues keeping me resting, away from makeup and feeling lousy in general paired up with also being crazy busy becoming an auntie again both by blood and through friendship. I now have two handsome little nephews and three gorgeous nieces. I am such a proud, happy auntie! I baked the cake for my friend's baby shower which happened yesterday and that was quite an adventure. In addition to the baby shower cake (which actually consisted of two separate cakes: a sheet cake and a 3D teddy bear cake) I also made a "big sister" cake for my friend's step-daughter. I spent about 13.5 hours on the cakes total. Craziness...

Anyway. I thought long and hard about my nail polish stash over the past few weeks and I've come to the conclusion that except for some absolute favorites I will be getting rid of most of my stash. There are several reasons I've made this decision. Even I have to admit I just have FAR too much nail polish. I find myself preferring gel polishes more and more these days. I think I've found a way to use regular nail polish with the SensatioNail kit to get the color options of regular polish paired with the lasting power of gel... but I have to wait out this latest experiment with this to see how it lasts before I can know for sure. And even so, I will still prefer gels over regular polish as this method does take more time and these days, I just don't have much free time for manicures. But if I find this latest method I've tried to work I will post to let you all know about it, I promise!

And my final reason... I finally caved in and joined Julep Maven. I couldn't resist any longer. With that comes expanding my collection of polish on a pretty regular basis. Sooo I figured it's time to clear out my current stash and keep only those colors I really, truly love. I'll be giving some friends a chance to sort through the things I'll be getting rid of first to take their pick of any they may want. And the rest I will either put on Listia or sell on here via blog sale. I haven't decided just yet.

Edited November 3rd, 2012 to update my referral link as per Julep's new web site: You can Julep Maven, click here, or you can manually enter the invitation code 3174017 when you are signing up.

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