Friday, March 9, 2012

SensatioNail Mauve Maven

Just a quick swatch of SensatioNail's Mauve Maven gel polish. The more I use these the more I love them. =)

This is with flash; I was not able to get pictures without the flash just yet. I'll try to get a picture without the flash soon & will add to this post when I do. =)

Edited March 15th: Sorry - I did not forget about getting pictures of this polish without the flash. Things have just been insane, which seems to be the new 'normal' for me.

This is in the shade
And this is in the sun
Don't mind the ding in the polish on my middle finger. I had a bit of a mishap with my razor in the shower a few days ago. (Why do we have an impulse to try to catch things that can hurt us when we drop them?!) I'm sure I could even that out with a bit more of the top coat, but... I'm almost out of top coat and want to stretch it out as much as possible for another mani or two.

One plus to having taken this long to get pictures of this polish without the flash is you can get a better idea of the lasting power of this stuff. The first picture in this post was taken on March 8th, and it was already a couple days old at that point (applied this on the 6th) and the two I just added were taken just this afternoon. You can see where there's some growth - but (razor-dropping-dense-trying-to-catch-it ding aside) other than that it's still absolutely perfect. And it needs to be said I am NOT easy on my nails. I wash dishes and do all kinds of cleaning every day, I type a lot every day, I have a dog and two cats to deal with, I do a lot of crafts... my hands are incessantly busy and sometimes my nails suffer for it and more often than not my manicures suffer for it within a day or two at most. So this is not a "lady of leisure" 9 days later manicure. This is a "if I don't get just five minutes to myself to do nothing I'm going to scream" working woman's 9 day old manicure! LOL

I told you this stuff is awesome. ;-)  I cannot wait for them to add more colors to the line. Black would be awesome. I adore black polish but for how much I love it, I hate the maintenance involved in wearing it. For SensatioNail to have a black polish would be a dream come true for me. You have no idea. haha

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