Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick "Rossetto" (Kate Moss Collection)

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a display of the Kate Moss collection of lipsticks from Rimmel. I mulled over the shades, and ended up selecting Rossetto.

As long-time readers are probably aware, I have been on the hunt for a particular shade of lipstick for years. I've yet to find it, and I think I've about exhausted the drugstore brand options and I may have to suck it up and head to a department store... see, for as much as I love makeup and as fun as it is to play with crazy bold, colorful looks sometimes... on a daily basis I don't wear much makeup and when I do wear makeup I usually keep it very soft and natural looking. As such I'm on the hunt for a shade of lipstick that doesn't look like lipstick. Something I can swipe on without the aid of a mirror, and know it looks soft and natural and does not scream "lipstick". 

Rossetto is the closest to that shade I have found so far, when applied with a light hand. 

natural light

natural light

natural light

I really like the formula. It's lightweight and has an almost matte finish. It isn't drying, which is a huge plus. It lasts pretty well. If you just sip a drink through the day it can survive that for several hours. As soon as you eat something though you will need to reapply. 


indirect natural light, facing away from the light source

still indirect natural light but facing the light source for more light

I found that if I apply it a little heavier then blot a couple times, it almost (but not quite) has a "stained" effect and it lasts a bit longer and also looks softer and more natural. By far my favorite lipstick yet, even if it's not *quite* the shade I'm looking for.

Sad news on this lipstick though. Last night my oldest niece called to invite me to her band concert at school. It was kind of last minute, so I was in a rush to get ready to go. I swiped on this lipstick and rushed out the door. And left the lipstick on the couch, totally not thinking. When I got home.... the dog had chewed it up. =( And of COURSE, being this is a limited edition collection of lipsticks and the stores around here already do not have them anymore. So. My "almost the shade I've been looking for for years and it's close enough to keep me happy till it runs out" lipstick is gone now, and I must resume the search. sigh. Of course I can't be mad at my dog for it. I'm the one who left the lipstick on the couch. Oh well...

the furry culprit

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