Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SensatioNail Valentine's Day Manicure

This took a while to do, but I think the results (and the lasting power of gel polish) are worth it. =) And by the time all was said and done it really didn't take any longer than had I used regular nail polish to achieve the same look. 

Sorry for the messy edges. One of the cats decided to try to sit in my lap while I was doing my nails. Made things a bit tricky; I didn't think it was too noticeable but of course the camera just picks up everything doesn't it? lol

I started this off with two coats of Pink Chiffon and then added some sponged layers of Raspberry Wine to the tips of the gradient. I let each coat cure for 60 seconds before applying the next. I originally intended to stop at this point so I applied top coat and cured it. But then I couldn't help feeling like it needed something else. So on the ring fingers and thumbs I used black Konad special polish and Bundle Monster IP BM-202 to stamp the hearts. I applied another coat of top coat and cured on those nails to seal the hearts on. 

Very simple and understated, but still cute I think. I haven't seen anyone else do a gradient with the gel polishes yet - I wasn't sure how it would turn out but other than some issues with my sponge bleeding a bit (I couldn't find my white sponges so I just grabbed a black one, didn't think anything of it) it worked out just fine. It's really the same process as doing a gradient with regular polish - work in thin layers and cure each coat before you apply the next one. I think it was actually easier to do the gradient with the gel polish than with regular polish. Since the gel stays wet till you cure it, that means you have time to work with it and really make sure it looks right.I'll definitely be doing more gradients with gels as I build my collection of gel colors. =) 

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