Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pardon the Mess

Sorry if things look completely haywire on your visits tonight. I'm redesigning the blog. I've been trying so hard to get back into blogging more regularly again but it's been difficult. I thought it over and I decided perhaps giving the blog a makeover might help me get my blogging mojo back. 

So with that said, things are awfully messy here right now; I had to remove all my widgets to get the new template to upload properly (when I saved the widgets and uploaded the new template, everything was completely out of place in the layout and could not be fixed!) so I have a lot of re-listing to do for links and such. 

I apologize for the mess, and for my absence here. Life has just been so crazy, there never seems to be much down time and blogging about beauty products - as much as I enjoy it - just takes a back seat to other things. I hope you all understand and I thank you for sticking with me through all this. <3 

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