Friday, February 24, 2012

Foundation & Some Random Makeup Babble

Foundation is probably a staple for most beauty mavens. I, however... can live without it.

I know. It's crazy, right?

Well. Not really. First of all, I'm uber pale. I kid you not, even in Summer my "tan" is still pale! Some people are all crazy anti-pale, and insist anyone who is naturally pale should fake tan. Pale is often associated with "pasty" and other not so flattering descriptions and anecdotes. If you think of pale and immediately think "pasty", "deathly" etc. then you've got some things to learn about all the different complexions people have across the world! Pale does NOT mean a pasty or deathly. Most of us in the ridiculously pale complexion group do not look like we're on our deathbeds, lacking all color whatsoever. The notion that this is what a very pale person looks like is just ridiculous. I've not once seen a person so pale that I'd describe them as anything negative or that I'd say they need a tan. Would you go around telling people with very dark complexions to stay out of the sun and/or to bleach their skin lighter because they look like they've been in the sun too long? Of course you wouldn't. It's rude and just plain wrong. So why pick on pale complexions as if we're diseased or something? I've got a ridiculously pale complexion, yes, but I have rosy cheeks and lips, and freckles that I love. (Don't get me started on the pressure people put on those with freckles to cover them up - freckles are NOT something to be ashamed of!!!)

But I'm getting a tad off topic here. My whole point was that as someone with such a fair complexion, finding the right shade of foundation - that I can also afford - is pretty much impossible. NO drugstore brand has a shade light enough for me. I'm not kidding. NONE. The closest match I have found, and thus the only foundation I will use the few times I do use it, is L'Oreal True Match Liquid in shade W1/Porcelain. Even this is a bit too dark and I lighten it by mixing it with moisturizer thus effectively making a tinted moisturizer of the foundation that is the shade I need. Even in Summer it's a bit too dark for me.

Oh sure, I could go to a department store and shell out $40 or even more if I could find the right shade. But, given that I don't even wear foundation very often, why spend the money?

There are other reasons I don't wear foundation often. Time is another matter. For foundation to look best you really ought to take your time with application, being sure to blend blend blend so there are no harsh lines or streaks etc. I just don't have the time to fuss with that in the mornings. I also have dry skin; doesn't matter how much I exfoliate or moisturize - there are always some little dry patches that once foundation is applied, they are noticeable. (Ok, probably only to me because I'm staring hard about an inch away from the mirror looking for said dry spots....) And lastly, I just don't like the way foundation feels on my skin. I don't mean that it feels like I am wearing a mask - it doesn't, the True Match is incredibly lightweight especially when mixed with my moisturizer. I mean when I touch my face with my hands. I can feel the foundation. And it bothers me. It can rub off a bit too (even when using primer) and I don't like that. I don't want to feel my makeup or have it rub off on my hands if I touch my face, and I certainly don't want the same to happen when my boyfriend touches my face either.

So, usually I just skip the foundation. I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to not feel like I have to cover every flaw (or to cover what others might consider flaws - ie my freckles) and I know that "Those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind" when it comes to my flaws. For me the cons of wearing foundation outweigh the few benefits it offers. So it's NOT a staple in my makeup stash. More than that, if I were for some reason forced to abandon one cosmetic item for the rest of my life, I'd willingly give up foundation.

Some folks think if you're going to wear any makeup at all, you HAVE to do a full-face of makeup. Some people think not wearing foundation while wearing eye shadow looks unfinished and "wrong". I think sometimes people forget makeup is a very personal thing. Just because you feel one way about any given rule, trend, product etc. does not mean everyone has to agree with you. We all like to joke about the random little old woman we occasionally see at the grocery store with big hair, bright red lips and electric blue eye shadow... but who are we to judge what makes someone else happy? If you're 80 years old (or ANY age, really!) and want to rock red lips and bold blue eye shadow - go for it and more power to you!!! I saw an older woman wearing just this combination a couple years ago and while other people were giving her strange/disapproving looks, I smiled big at her and thought "I want to be that confident in myself some day!". No, not my personal style to go for such a look. But you could tell she was confident and happy and she loved the way she looked. And personally, I really thought she looked awesome and I LOVED it too!

The same way you can look at someone's makeup and not like it for whatever reason - just remember they might be looking at you and thinking the same thing about YOUR makeup. It's a two-way street, and the simple fact is at the end of the day, despite what "experts" and fashion magazines try to say there really are NO rules to makeup (or hair or fashion for that matter!) and if YOU like the way you look, that's all that matters! Be happy and comfortable in your skin and with the way you look and don't worry if someone else doesn't agree with what you like. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and nobody's opinion is right or wrong!

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