Saturday, January 21, 2012

SensatioNail by Nailene

I have been lemming the Gelish kit from Sally's since I first heard about it. But with the price tag that goes along with it, I knew I was not likely to get my hands on it. So when I heard that Nailene was going to be releasing their own line of gel nail polish, I was tickled.

SensatioNail costs $50 for a starter kit, which includes EVERYTHING you need to get started. (Unlike the Gelish starter kit which leaves you without a colored polish and the curing lamp - by the time you get everything you need with Gelish you're looking at roughly $100 for just the basics.) 

The process is simple. As always you start with clean, dry nails. The first step is to lightly buff the shine from your nails, and apply the Gel Primer and let it air dry. Applying thin coats of product (don't forget to cap the free edge with each step!), you apply base coat and cure in the LED lamp for 30 seconds. Apply a coat of color, cure for 60 seconds. Add a *second coat of color, cure for another 60 seconds. Finish off with top coat and cure for 30 seconds. Then use the lint free wipes and Gel Cleanser to wipe the sticky layer off, and voila. Perfectly polished, glossy nails! No need to worry about smudges - once you're done, you're DONE! 

* If you really want you can add a third coat but remember to apply a thin coat at a time and also remember that if you apply more coats, you may have a little difficulty removing the polish later on.

I got the starter kit that included the Raspberry Wine color gel polish, and also picked up Pink Chiffon ($10) so I could have a little variety to play with. I have every intention of getting every color from this line, one bottle at a time. Yes, I really love them that much. =)

I just took a couple snaps with my cell for this post, but I will follow up with proper photos some time in the next couple of weeks. 

And my oldest niece is here visiting for the weekend. She decided that she wanted a mani, too. She wanted the Pink Chiffon on one hand and Raspberry Wine on the other, which she dubbed "perfect for Valentine's Day". She got a bit impatient with the process, but she ALWAYS gets impatient when I do her nails for her. She loved that once I was done she could do whatever she wanted without worrying about ruining her nails though. =)

I adore this stuff. You have no idea. I will be sharing a couple Valentine's Day manis using these colors soon.

These are so glossy and flawless. Those who really love doing something different with their nails every couple days probably would not have much need for these. But if you wish your manicures could last longer this is definitely a product you should look into investing in. This would also be perfect for when you're going on vacation or other little trips where you don't want to have to worry about your nails on said trip.

I will follow-up on the lasting power as well as the removal process later on - likely not till February or March. (I have lots going on right now. Another reason I am so loving this stuff - with so much else going on I don't have as much time for manicures right now.)

*Edited to add: I have found the Gel Cleanser is simply rubbing alcohol. I had noticed when using it that it smelled like rubbing alcohol, so when I ran out of the cleanser mid manicure I tried rubbing alcohol instead and it did the job perfectly. So, if you run out of the gel cleanser you can refill the bottle with rubbing alcohol. =)

For how to remove the gel polish, please click here.

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