Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Lady Luck

When I first saw the Gem Crush display I wanted them all. I still do to be honest lol, y'all know how I love my glitter nail polish! But at $8 a piece I probably won't get the entire collection. I've picked up two so far, I might get one or two more but that will probably be it. 

Up today is Lady Luck. This is a clear base with burgundy micro glitter and larger (but still small) holo hex glitter. It's not very dense (which means it will be fun to play with layering!) and it took four coats to get fully opaque coverage from it. The formula is a bit thick but not too bad. It applied pretty well, and dried quickly. It has a slightly gritty feel to it but it's surprisingly smooth for how glittery it is. It dries matte. I didn't apply top coat for a couple days (because I didn't mind the matte finish) and it held up amazingly well. It survived some serious cleaning (scrubbing walls, mopping, washing dishes etc!) and typing without chipping at all! So if you like how this looks matte, you shouldn't have to worry about lasting power if you need it to hold up for a few days. 

I just took these pictures, so this is what this looks like without top coat and after 3 days of wear:

So then I decided I'd put top coat on to see how it looks with top coat. The top coat really made the color so much more vibrant! 

Very pretty polish, and certainly perfect for glitterholics! I'll update with how easy or difficult this is to remove once I re-do my nails in a few days. Because no matter how awesome a glitter polish is, the removal is also an important aspect. I'm curious how long this will last, and super busy and don't have time to re-do my nails just yet anyway.

Edited on Jan. 18th to Add: I took this polish off yesterday not because it was showing enough wear to remove it, but because I finally got my hands on the SensatioNail starter kit and had to use it right away. lol Lady Luck was still looking fabulous. It was a bit of a PITA to remove though. I'd suggest making removal a bit easier by soaking it off. It's my preferred method of removing glitter nail polish but some glitter polishes, even when super glittery, somehow come off easily without having to soak them. If you're not familiar with how this works it's a simple process. (If you've ever soaked off gels or acrylics, you're already familiar with this process!) Just saturate a cotton pad with nail polish remover, place it over your nail then wrap your nail with a small strip of aluminum foil (about 2 by 6 inches in size) and leave your nails covered like this for about 3-5 minutes or so. Then use a gentle twisting motion to remove the foil, cotton pad and nail polish. You might need to repeat the process, it depends on the density of the glitter polish you're removing and how many coats you were wearing. It's much faster, easier and gentler on your nails than using a dozen cotton pads and scrubbing away at your nails to try to get all the glitter off. 

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