Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lesson Learned - When Fragrances Go Bad

If you are anything like me, you love fragrances and have dozens of perfumes and body sprays at any given time. They last "forever" so why not stock up on them, right? 

Well... maybe not so much. 

We all know the rules of cosmetics when it comes to expiration dates and products like foundations, eye liners, lip glosses etc. going bad. But, this applies to your fragrances too. 

I know, I know. You've probably never had a fragrance go bad in your entire life. I never did either. Till now. 

Over the weekend, I rediscovered an Avon body mist I'd forgotten about getting about a year ago. Not thinking a thing of it, I spritzed it on after a shower and went about my day. Saturday was crazy busy but fun, a day spent with my best friend - my mom - and all was well. 

Sunday I woke up around 4:30 AM and could NOT get back to sleep. At first I was not sure why. And when an hour later I was still lying in bed wide awake, a bit itchy (but for some reason not thinking much of this) and just kind of not feeling right without being able to pinpoint what felt wrong, I decided to just get up for the day. Of course at this early hour it was still pitch black in my room. I got up and turned on the light and when I saw my arms and chest... well. I knew why I was up. I had hives all over. 

I spent the day resisting the urge to scratch and slathering on anti-itch cream. I also spent my day wondering what on earth had caused me to have such a bad reaction. I contemplated the foods I'd eaten, the laundry detergent and fabric softener, even my new shampoo and conditioner were put under the spotlight. I could not pin point what might have caused it. 

Sunday night as I lay awake in bed unable to sleep from being so itchy, all of a sudden it hit me. I'd used the Avon body mist. Each area of my body that was covered in hives was where I'd sprayed the fragrance on; and of course given the nature of body mists each spritz covers a fairly large area so even just a couple light sprays covers you from head to toe. No wonder I had hives all over!

For the most part it's all cleared up now after a couple days of heavy anti-itch cream applications and several doses of Benadryl. The bottle of body mist hit the trash without a second thought. (Despite being practically full.) 

Now I have some other old bottles of fragrance that I'm hesitant to use. I'll most likely end up throwing them away. And from now on, I will stick to having just one or two bottles of fragrance at a time so I can finish them more quickly. I've certainly learned my lesson that even fragrances can go bad! It might not be as common as a bad lip gloss or mascara, but it CAN happen!

Learn from my mistake... don't stock up on fragrances. Choose one or two favorites, and do not buy new bottles (or try new fragrances - unless you can get a small sample bottle with just a few uses in it) till they're gone. Cause believe me, you do NOT want to spend even just a couple days (some rashes can last for weeks!) with hives all over from having used a fragrance that went bad! 

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