Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gelish "Ambience"

While out and about the other day, I was close to a Sally's so naturally I had to go meander through the store. Truthfully I was hoping to find the Finger Paints Special Effects collection. Sadly for me, they didn't have it. (This collection must have just flown off the shelves, right? *sigh* So bummed I didn't get my hands on ANY of them!) But I consoled myself with a pack of clear magic-grip hair pins, a big tin of bobby pins (am I the only one who loses bobby pins all the time?) and I grabbed a bottle of Gelish polish in Ambience, too. 

And then, you know... I had to try it out. Because it's beautiful. Far, far more beautiful than my camera is willing to pick up. (I just used my point & shoot though, because it's easier for me to handle for my pictures here. Y'all know by now though my point & shoot and I have a love-hate relationship...) I took off my SnsatioNail Pink Chiffon (which came off easily might I add... I know some folks have had trouble with the removal process but it was a breeze for me. I can do a follow-up later on if anyone needs me to, just give me a shout on Twitter.) 

Ambience is GORGEOUS. Just gorgeous. I can't get over how lovely it is. It's sheer - so not for those who want opaque coverage. But if you're looking for something soft, shimmery, feminine... this is it! It has a jelly-like quality to it, and it's a lovely peachy pink infused with iridescent shimmer. You can't see all the beautiful little sparks of color the shimmer lends in these pictures but I promise you it's subtle but stunning. It is more pink than pictured, and a bit deeper in color. (I really ought to invest in a better point & shoot...) But this will still give you an idea of how beautiful this color is. I applied 3 thin coats. 

A final note for this post: Yes, for the record I used the SensatioNail primer, base/top coat, and LED lamp for this application. I know some folks are against brand-mixing like this and some will swear it can't be done because it will not work the same. But it worked perfectly. The only difference in the process in using the Gelish polish with the SensatioNail kit was that the Gelish polish only has to cure for 30 seconds under the LED light as opposed to the 60 second cure time for the SensatioNail polishes. Point? If you're really wanting the Gelish starter kit but are on a tight budget, you can pick up the SensatioNail starter kit (it includes *everything* you need to get started!) for about half the cost of getting started with Gelish, and then you CAN use the Gelish polishes with the other items from the SensatioNail kit. =)

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