Monday, January 9, 2012

B Me Makeover Essentials Kit

As previously mentioned, this kit was one of my Christmas gifts. I absolutely adore it! 

There is a larger palette that contains 5 eye shadows, 5 lip colors and 2 blush duos. The smaller palette contains 6 eye shadows and 2 cream eye liners. And the third part of this kit is a travel sized brush set. 

Up first, the larger palette.

This palette has a cool feature, though unfortunately it needs some improvement. Each of the products has a small plastic cover over it; as you can see in the top picture of the palette, a couple of them have broken off already. Each little square can pop out of the palette so you can arrange it however you like. And when you place your three favorite colors in the 3 middle spots of the top row.... 

The middle section pops out, so you can take your three favorites from this palette with you for touch-ups. It's a cool idea for adding a touch of portability to the product. Just too bad the little plastic covers are not made very well. It makes changing the colors around in the palette tricky because you have to be careful not to break off the covers and when they do break you risk it sliding and gouging the product. But still, a cool idea. The blush duos I'm undecided on - they are small and I have not tried them out yet. It would be hard to use just one shade from either duo since they are so small. Even using both colors blended together seems tricky. 

Up next - the travel sized brushes.

They are not the highest quality brushes, but they are not bad at all either. If you're like me and tend to just buy the cheapest brushes you can find because you can't afford anything else, you'll be completely satisfied with these brushes. If you're used to MAC or other really high quality brushes, you might not like these ones so much. Included are an angled eye liner, eye shadow, powder, blush, smudger, lip, brow/lash brush/comb and a sponge-tip applicator. I love the hard case they are in, it makes them truly ideal for travel. Unlike travel brushes that come in fabric brush rolls or small plastic bags, you know your brushes are secure in this case and that they are not going to slide out or be smashed thus bending the bristles or anything like that.

And my favorite from this kit, the Mystic Eyes palette!

The cream liners are lovely and glide on easily. The back could be a bit more pigmented, but since I like softer looks I don't mind it being a bit softer in appearance. They stay a little "tacky" to the touch but they do not smear throughout the day as you wear them and even if you happen to touch your eyes you won't get much unwanted smudging from them. I imagine you could dab some matching eye shadow over them to set them (and aid in deepening the pigmentation if desired) and help with the slightly tacky feel they maintain. They do not feel tacky on your eyes, only if you happen to touch your eyes with your fingers. Want to be clear on that! The shadows are lovely and silky and blend well. I like the balance of light and darker colors; you can achieve a variety of looks with just this one little palette. 

Overall, totally love this palette. The colors are lovely and ideal for those who generally use more neutral colors, but who do like to incorporate a touch of soft color or a hint of darker, smokey color. 

This kit was purchased at Sam's Club in early December. I don't know if they are still available, or where else you might find it. I have tried to find more about this brand on Google but have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows more about them please do let me know (you can find my contact information on my "Contact" page!) as I'd love to learn more about them and I am definitely curious as to any other products they offer. 

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