Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer Set

 I apologize for the placement of text and pictures being off. Blogger is being annoying lately and the pictures will not insert into my posts where my cursor is, then I can't even move them to where I want them, they are overlapping each other etc. and it is just in general a real pain to blog right now because of this! This has been an issue for the past couple of weeks; if it doesn't stop soon I'm going to have to try to find a solution. For now I am just doing the best I can to get the posts formatted so they're readable, even if they are not quite organized/set up the way I'd like. Thanks for understanding, everyone!

I can't tell you how much I adore this set! The bag that everything comes in is beautiful and well made, I can tell it will last many years. All of the products are beautifully packaged – the packaging is truly unique and glamorous, exactly what you expect from Too Faced!

I normally would have taken pictures of the packaging and opening everything up but I was just too excited to get this set. Sorry. lol I took pictures of the box after I'd opened everything though as the box is just too pretty to have not had pictures of it to share, too.

The lip gloss is a sheer shimmery pink; in the tube the shimmer might look a little intense but once applied the effect is subtle.

Indoors with flash
The blush/bronzer duo is lovely and the shades seem like they would suit a lot of skin tones. The blush has golden shimmer in it.  I have a very, very fair complexion and both of them work well for me. They're very well pigmented and silky smooth, they seem buildable so those with darker skin tones would probably easily be able to use them as well.

Outdoors, cloudy, no flash

Outdoors, cloudy, no flash, over bare skin

To compare the size of the tube of Candlelight (right) to regular Shadow Insurance

The Candlelight Shadow Insurance works as well as the regular Shadow Insurance but with a pretty, soft golden glow. (It looks really nice on it's own too if you're in a rush!) I think it looks best under softer colors so the golden shimmer can show through a bit more.

(My camera died before I could swatch it but my camera probably would not have picked it up anyway, it's just a sheer golden shimmer.)

Indoors with flash

The eye shadows are great colors for daily wear. They are so silky and pigmented, I love them! There are three shimmery shades and a matte. The colors are neutrals, appropriate for daily wear. 

Outdoors, cloudy, no flash

Outdoors, cloudy, no flash, over bare skin

Using eye shadows from this set & the Lashgasm mascara

The mascara is great, too. I gave serious thought to giving it to a friend because I don’t generally wear black mascara, but I have heard good things about Lashgasm so I was curious about it. In the end my curiosity won and I couldn’t resist opening up the tube to try it out. And I have to say I am impressed! The wand is really nice and the bristles come out of the tube with just the right amount of product and they really do seem to grab and separate every lash. I love that it doesn’t leave my lashes feeling stiff or heavy and that there were no clumps whatsoever. It is not labeled as being waterproof/resistant but it seems like it should hold up well. My eyes tend to water a lot and that can be problematic at times especially with mascara but so far so good with this one. It came off easily with makeup remover, too. Always a plus to not have to scrub at mascara to get it off at the end of the day! I’m still not crazy about black mascara (as a natural redhead who prefers more natural looking makeup I seek out the lightest brown/ginger mascaras I can find, which is not easy!) but I do love the formula of Lashgasm. I’ll definitely use it up, I wish it were available in a light brown/red shade like my usual mascara.

Overall I really love this set, it’s well worth the money in my opinion. It would be a great set for someone who tends to be a little more reserved with their makeup (like me; not much straying from neutral colors) or for someone who has been thinking of trying Too Faced but hasn’t yet. 

The Beautiful Dreamer set is part of the Too Faced "Only In Your Dreams" holiday collection. It can be purchased directly from Too Faced or you can get it at Sephora. The cost is $46. 

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