Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NOTD - Acrylic Classic French

Over the past week or so I managed to break nearly every one of my nails. Short. I hate when my nails are short. Normally I'd just shrug it off and just pamper them a bit while I let them grow out again. But Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow (already!) and then this Sunday I am going downtown for a concert. Then not long after that is my birthday, then Christmas etc. So I want my nails to look decent for all this.

That means.... acrylics to the rescue! (Glue on nails have such pretty designs these days but they just do NOT last for me. Ever.) Not a salon-going kind of woman, this meant buying an acrylic kit to do it myself. Not the first time I've done this, but not something I often do either. I had previously used the Kiss acrylic kit and did not care for it; the acrylic was cheap and yellowed quickly. So I got the only other kit they had at the store, from Nailene. I didn't think to take a picture of the kit. (I never do. lol) I chose the Deluxe Salon Acrylic Kit. (The smaller kit did not include the brush or dappen dish. Which I needed.)

I spent an evening applying some of the clear tips. The application went well enough though I had some issues (purely my own mind you) but I was happy enough with the end results. Then the other day when I wanted to take some swatches of the Dr.s Remedy Jolly & Joy collection and change the color I'd selected to use, I really had some problems. I used non-acetone nail polish remover. And he acrylic gummed up and softened as if I'd been using acetone. Two tips snapped and broke off. It was not pretty. I emailed Nailene about it and within an hour I got a reply from customer service saying that the kit may have been defective and that they will be sending me a new one. So thanks to Nailene for awesome customer service! =)

Now, for the 4-6 weeks I have to wait till the new kit arrives.... I still need my nails to look pretty for all these upcoming events and holidays. So I did another application last night. This time I did even better with my application; I hardly had to do any buffing to smooth out the acrylic when I was done. Yay for finally getting the hang of this! =D  I opted for some white tips instead of clear, knowing that I can't change my polish till I'm ready to take these tips off, the manicure I am most willing to live with for a longer period of time is a classic french. (And I can always "cheat" and add some embellishments here and there as I get bored with it.) I'm not too crazy about how far down the white is on these tips but I blame that in part to how stubby my natural nails are at the moment. But overall I'm pretty pleased with them. =)

The picture on top is the bare acrylic after buffing it smooth, and the bottom is after applying two coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish in Set In Stone. (This didn't really make the tips THAT dulled, they're still quite white in person.)

It is going to be quite tricky for me to leave this manicure alone for so long; I'll have to be very selective in any embellishments I may decide to add to make sure they're things I am willing to live with for a couple weeks. Sometimes being fickle is a good thing, but other times it's not!

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