Monday, October 3, 2011


I cannot remember who posted the tutorial for this. I scrolled through my reading list several times and can't seem to find the post again. If it was you (or if you know what post I am talking about!) please let me know and I'll pop your link into this post.

I read this post about using straws to do splatter nail art and loved the idea and wondered why on earth I had not thought of it myself. I have a young niece I've done splatter art with by means of straws and watered down acrylic paint... you'd think that doing this with nail polish might have occurred to me!

Anyway upon reading the post I decided to try it. And try I did. Several times. And I just could NOT get it to work for me. Then tonight I had the "duh!" moment I needed. I couldn't get this to work for me because the nail polish was too thick. So I used some thinner, and voila! Splattered nails!

This was fun to do. Definitely not for the perfectionists out there who need all their nails to be perfectly matched. If nobody knows who made the post with the tutorial I will create a tutorial to post here.

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