Sunday, October 9, 2011

NOTD - Crackly Goodness

No mundane grocery shopping trip is complete without a stroll through the cosmetics department. It just takes the drudgery out of things to look at all the pretties there, you know? 

Last week I spied the Footloose display from Salon Perfect. We all know Salon Perfect for their false lashes, right? (Well, most of us do I suppose.) Well... there was nail polish with this display. Including crackles. Beautiful crackles. I could not resist. I tried, really I did. Ok, I didn't. I saw pretty colors and practically jumped on them. I'm weak, what can I say? 

I walked away from the display with 5 bottles of nail polish - 2 glow in the dark (who doesn't love glow in the dark nail polish?!), black creme crackle and shimmery copper and shimmery mauve/rose crackle. (I also picked up a basic black creme from Pure Ice. Y'all know me, my stash is not complete without black creme polish in it, and I'd run out long ago. Sadness.) 

I had to use the black crackle right away. Oh my stars I am in LOVE! This stuff is far superior to the Sally Hansen crackle polish. I can't compare it to the other brands offering crackles right now because that's the only brand I've been able to find. But just look at this beauty; shown over 2 coats of Milani Digital and I could not help but apply a couple coats of the glow in the dark polish too, which majorly dulled the holo of Digital...

I tried to photograph it glowing in the dark but was unsuccessful. I need an extra set of hands for that one. But let me assure you it was a little bit awesome. =D 

This applied like a dream and was not too thick or thin, and it crackled beautifully. If applied in a thin coat, the crackles are thin and jagged looking. A medium coat results in the above. A thicker coat results in a less fractured look, with much more of the black showing and just a few shards of the pink peeking through. I prefer the look with a thin or medium coat over the thicker coat. 

Just love this stuff to bits right now. And the best part is the price. It was about $3 a bottle. As compared to $7.50+ for the Sally Hansen crackle which is only so-so... if you find this and you're a fan of crackle or have been wanting to try crackle it is definitely worth it! 

Note: Salon Perfect is exclusive to Wal Mart stores. Their web site currently does not include anything about these polishes, but maybe it will in the future. If you would like to learn more about their false lashes though, their site is loaded with information about that. Visit if you're curious. 

I will have pictures of the other two shades of crackle soon. =)

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