Monday, October 17, 2011

Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs

I recently won a pack of Nailene's new Ultra Adhesive Tabs and some nails to go with them via Nailene's Facebook page. The tabs are a new product not available in the US just yet, but if you're in the UK they are already on shelves there.

These arrived this morning and the timing could not have been better. I had a rough, busy weekend that led to several broken nails and as such that meant all my nails had been clipped and filed short. Oh so short. *sigh* So I was happy to see the envelope from Nailene in my mail box this morning. I had to try these out right away!

If you're at all like me, when you think of press-on nails you think of those horrible things from the late 80's/early 90's that popped off nearly as soon as you put them on and they were infamous for coming off at the most inopportune times. Remember the one episode of Full House when DJ & Kimmy went to a dance and Kimmy had her nails done and in one scene all her fake nails had popped off and were stuck to her date's rear on his pants? This was a legitimate fear with those press-on nails. lol

The few occasions I will use fake nails, I stick with nail glue simple for the more secure hold. Though I still never really have that great of an experience with them; air bubbles, gluing my fingers together accidentally, they still pop off at the worst possible times and sometimes within 24 hours of applying them... fake nails and I just don't get along all that well, I guess. But sometimes the designs are so pretty, or my nails break and are so stubby (now) and I can't stand the way they look...

The tabs were easy to use. The instructions say to use your fingers or tweezers to peel them from the plastic backing and place them on your nails. I found tweezers the easiest way to do it. Then you just press the tab on your nail, peel off the top plastic sheet and then apply the nails. (Should go without saying but this is easiest when you do just one nail at a time.) You have to be precise with your placement of the tabs, because once it touches your nail, it's not going to come off to be re-positioned. I felt like the sizing of the tabs could have been better... ironically enough I felt like there should have been more larger sizes. Some wider ones would have been nice, and they were ALL too short. None of them covered my entire natural nail. The adhesive not covering my entire natural nail means that the fake nails do not have a good, solid, flush grip on my nails either.

The nails themselves are nice, albeit too short for my liking. And I had the opposite problem with sizing as I had with the tabs. The same problem I always have with fake nails. My hands and nails are small, and there are never enough smaller nails included. So I had to file the sides down on several of them to make them fit, and even with that done I still couldn't get a nice flush fit against my natural nails over the adhesive tabs. A couple of the nails I went up a size, even though there was a good size to fit my nails width just because the proper width was WAY too short. So in going up a size and filing the sides down I was able to get a more workable length.

So far, all the nails are still in tact. Surely an achievement when talking press-on nails. However I'm not really too thrilled with them, either. I feel like the adhesive is thick, contributing to the nails not being flush against my natural nails. I can't use my nails to do ANYTHING - text, open something with a plastic wrapper etc. - because if I do the fake nails "slide" a bit. Depending on what it is I am trying to do (like texting for example) this can lead to the fake nail sliding back and pressing into my cuticle, which is not pleasant. Despite that they seem to be holding up fairly well though.

We'll see how long they last. The packaging says they will last up to 5 days... I'm not sure I can handle leaving them on that long given the "sliding" issue, but I'll try to keep them on as long as possible to test the wear and I'll come back and edit this post with an update on how well they last.

ETA: It is now the 19th & I couldn't take it anymore, I had to take these off. The sliding just got to me a bit too much while I tried to do things around the house. Cooking, cleaning etc. I feel confident in saying that they could very well last 5 days or more though, with how well they held up. I didn't like that they were not flush against my natural nails at the tips (another reason I decided to take them off, stuff was getting under them between them and my natural nails.) and I really could not take the sliding when I tried to do any number of normal, everyday things. But they did hold up well. I think they would be ideal for an event where you want your nails to look nice, but where you won't really be doing a lot with your hands. Weekend weddings and such, perhaps?

One thing I will say in favor of these? No air bubbles. I have the hardest time avoiding air bubbles with the glue. But I don't have any air bubbles at all with these tabs. 

(Sorry for the atrocious pictures. Cell cam. Been getting into the habit of using my cell to take pictures lately and I really need to not do that because, as you can see, my cell cam is kind of awful.)

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