Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Tutorials # 2 - Ghosts

I've got a little series of Halloween themed tutorials for you. Most of them are free-hand designs, which means they're not great but I do the best I can with my limited artistic skills. I had planned to start working on these tutorials sooner, but ended up not getting to it till now. So, I did all of them in one day simply because if I didn't do them all at once I probably would not have gotten all of them done. As such, I only did each design on one nail rather than in a full manicure. I did it this way to both save time and to save my nails and cuticles from having to be subjected to too much nail polish remover in one sitting. I have been having some issues with my camera lately too so I apologize that the pictures are not as clear as they should be.

The second design I have to share is another very simple one: how to make ghosts.

I've started this one out on black creme polish with glittered tips. Then place a drop of white nail polish (preferably nail art polish but as long as it's nice and opaque it'll do) where you want your ghost's "head" to be.

Then using a toothpick or a dotting tool, draw the dot of white polish outward in whichever direction you want the ghosts's "tail" to be. I like to repeat this step one or two times to make the ghost a little "thicker". Just do whatever looks best to you. I also like to add a little "wiggle" to it, so the ghost looks like it has some movement. You could just move in a straight line if you prefer. 

Then add two small dots of black polish to make eyes, and a larger more oval shaped dot for a mouth.

You can either stop here, or you can add little arms to the sides of your ghost. 

Because this results in quite a thick layer of nail polish, make sure you give this plenty of time to dry before applying top coat so that you don't smear the design. 

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