Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Tutorial # 7 - Mummy

I've got a little series of Halloween themed tutorials for you. Most of them are free-hand designs, which means they're not great but I do the best I can with my limited artistic skills. I had planned to start working on these tutorials sooner, but ended up not getting to it till now. So, I did all of them in one day simply because if I didn't do them all at once I probably would not have gotten all of them done. As such, I only did each design on one nail rather than in a full manicure. I did it this way to both save time and to save my nails and cuticles from having to be subjected to too much nail polish remover in one sitting. I have been having some issues with my camera lately too so I apologize that the pictures are not as clear as they should be.

This design starts off with a tan/taupe shade of nail polish.

Decide where you want your mummy's eyes to be. Place two dots of white nail art polish for the eyes. Finish the eyes with smaller dots of black nail art polish on top of the white.

Now with the white nail art polish, begin making strips around the eyes.


Continue "wrapping" your mummy till you're satisfied with how it looks. Let it dry enough that it won't smear when you apply your top coat!

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