Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flash Sale Notice

**** Important ETA:  I have been informed tomorrow, October 5th, this sale will be repeated. From 12 Noon until 2 PM EST. So if you missed it today, you still have a chance to take advantage of the sale tomorrow! ****

*** Another ETA: The October 5th sale has started early; start shopping NOW till 2 PM EST! ***

October 5th note from the owner of Pocket Full Of Sunshine: "We are having trouble getting the Shop to maintain the Sale Mode. We contacted Artfire regarding the problem but since we are on the East Coast and they are on the West Coast, their offices are not yet open. We will continue to work on this problem and will extend the time of the sale if necessary to provide the 2 hours of shopping time at sale prices that was promised. Thank you for understanding."

Pocket Full Of Sunshine Boutique is having a 2 hour sale RIGHT NOW. Get 35% off EVERYTHING in their shop. No discount codes to enter, the prices shown already reflect the savings. Free shipping. Ends at 2 PM EST. Don't miss out ladies - amazing hand made jewelry and bath & body products; I adore Pocket Full Of Sunshine! <3

Go here to shop the sale from their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pocket-Full-of-Sunshine-Boutique/147865018613996?sk=app_119723804515

(Alternately you can shop directly on their Artfire shop if you prefer by clicking here)

PS - They are also having a great contest right now. Like their facebook page & get your friends to like their page as well and have your friends post to the Pocket Full Of Sunshine wall that you referred them - the first person who gets 50 friends to like their page will win a free pair of earrings (you get to pick which ones you want!) and the first person to get 100 friends to like their page will win ANY item they want from the shop. Fabulous all around! =) 

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