Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dr's Remedy Positive Pink

My bottle of Dr's Remedy "Positive Pink" arrived this morning. And naturally, I had to use it right away. (Because what fun is new nail polish if you don't try it out immediately?)

This is a lovely pink creme polish. Depending on the lighting it looks either like a deeper, Barbie pink or a lighter soft pink.

The formula is a little thin which means it requires a little work to apply it well. It can be a little streaky if you're not careful. I wish the brush were a little wider. If you're very careful about your application I'd imagine this could be a one coater. But for today's swatches/NOTD I've applied two coats for good measure.

Swatches are outdoors on a very cloudy day, no flash.
lots of cloud cover

some sunshine peeked through the clouds a wee bit

I've been on the hunt for a light pink creme polish for ages. But everything I have tried has either been sheer (as in five coats later it's still too sheer) or it just looked odd with my skin tone. Most often both those things were issues. I really like Positive Pink though. It's not quite as light as what I've been hoping to find however it's probably my favorite pink creme so far.

If you missed my previous post about this polish, this is a Breast Cancer Awareness polish. For details & information on where to purchase this color, please read my previous post about it here: Dr's Remedy For Breast Cancer Awareness

I decided to make this today's NOTD as well. I added some black crackle to the tips then used some white nail art polish and Bundle Monster ip BM08 to stamp hearts & black nail art polish and Bundle Monster ip BM09 to stamp "Love" on ring fingers and thumbs. I felt like hearts/love were a good choice to go with this color. =) <3 

(indoors with flash)

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