Friday, September 16, 2011

Update & NOTD

Sorry for the major lack of posts recently. As long-time readers probably know, this is the time of year that things start to get crazy busy for me. Most of my family celebrates their birthdays in November and December, and with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in the mix everything just slowly turns to chaos. My oldest niece has requested not one but TWO cakes for her Halloween party that I have been planning and practicing to make sure I get those right, plus I'm planning her birthday cake as well. Adding a new job to the mix right now (finally!) makes things all the more hectic. I've been trying to learn the new job, and there is a LOT to learn. It takes up a decent chunk of my days.

I am shooting my first wedding next weekend so I've also been busy preparing for that, getting a private web site set up for the couple where they can view their photos and order prints, getting cards with the site info created and printed for their guests etc. I am excited to be working my first wedding but nervous at the same time; I am not going to have an assistant AND frankly when I have other people's expectations on my shoulders my head fills with doubt and I'm managing to convince myself that I am going to royally screw up. OK, that's quite possibly my own expectations wreaking havoc on my confidence more than anything. It's not a pretty place inside my head sometimes lol.

But anyway with so much going on right now I've barely had time to even paint my nails, let alone blog about it the few times I've managed to get a half decent mani done! I was inspired by the Lacquerista's recent NOTD though and earlier this week I had to give it a go myself. Sorry this is an awful picture of the mani; had to snap a quick shot the other night and didn't have time to adjust my settings or anything. But it's a general idea of what it looked like, at least.

This is 2 coats of Zoya "Shay", 1 coat of NYC "Starry Silver" and some Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love matte top coat. 

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