Monday, September 19, 2011

Eyeko's New Look: Love It or Hate It?

Eyeko spent all summer hyping up their "total makeover" and their new web site. Now that the new look of Eyeko has been revealed, what do you think of all the changes?

I am personally pretty disappointed with all the changes. The look and packaging used to be adorable and set the brand apart from others. But now it's just boring. And they are now focusing only on eye products - liners and mascaras are the only things available at the moment but a link to a page for eye shadows hiding on the bottom of the site surely means that eye shadows will be added at some point. But there will be no other products. No polishes, no Fat Balm, nothing else at all.

I get wanting to have a niche for the brand, I get wanting to maybe have a more "grown up" look so to speak. But I just feel that they're going about it all wrong. A lot of fans have been complaining on their Facebook page about all the changes so I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

I only became familiar with Eyeko somewhat recently (over the past year and a half to two years or so at most) but from what I've heard it seems they have a reputation for "discontinuing" products only to bring them back a while later and then repeat the process. It seems the general line-up of products never changes much at all and "new" products are typically just former products brought back to the line-up again. 

Probably the biggest (and worst) change was the HUGE jump in prices of the products. I understand that inflation will always cause prices to increase over time. But for prices to double? You can't call that mere inflation. One of the things I loved about Eyeko was that their prices were decent. 

Pairing up the honestly boring line of (12) eyes-only products with the significant price increase, Eyeko as it is this very moment, is no longer a brand that appeals to me nor is it a brand I could afford even if I did find anything interesting enough to want to purchase it.

All that said I have seen a couple comments made from people who do like the changes - granted those are VERY outnumbered by people who share my feelings on the changes. But there are those who like what they see in the changes Eyeko has made. 

Where do you stand on the new Eyeko?

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