Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoya "Sookie" NOTD

I recently purchased a couple new polishes from Zoya. I don't have many Zoya polishes. Honestly I was not impressed by the first set of polishes I bought from them a couple years ago - I thought it was over priced for what it was. And the price has increased since then, too. However, no self-respecting nail polish addict will completely tun their nose up at any brand just because a few colors didn't wow them. Right?

Ever since Zoya introduced their Color Spoons I've felt better about the potential for buying polish from them. One of my biggest disappointments in my first order was that almost all the colors were way off from what I was expecting based on their swatches. (My monitor is calibrated to near perfection - as a photographer I was forced to learn how to properly calibrate my monitor!) But with the color spoons I feel better because I have a far better idea of what I'll be getting from a bottle of polish. I feel like the color spoons can still be a little iffy - the color is applied on the spoons somewhat thickly so while the color may be accurate to bottle color I still find myself wondering "but how many coats will it take for it to REALLY look like that?". Even so, the spoons do really help me feel better about making purchases from them, and the amount spent on the spoons counting as credit toward a purchase of full-sized bottles helps too. 

Anyway. I have not had a chance to swatch all three colors I got yet. I took bottle pictures, but my point & shoot and I are not on speaking terms for the moment (lol) so they didn't really turn out so well. My white balance has gone off kilter and I just can't seem to fix it. I have a couple white balance lens caps on the way for my DSLR so I'll use one of those to try to recalibrate the point & shoot once they get here, and hopefully everything will be peachy keen again and I can get back to swatching and whatnot.

But I did want to share a picture of today's nails. It's not accurate enough to be the swatch for this color, but regardless it's still a cute and simple NOTD.

This is two coats of "Sooki", which is from the Summertime collection. It's a gorgeous, deep candy apple red creme polish. The formula is ever so slightly thin, but it's pretty close to perfect. One coat is plenty sufficient but nail perfectionists may want a second coat as one coat is just shy of 100% opaque color. But really, you can get by on just one coat - the only reason I have two coats on right now is because I did one coat of color and wore it for about 2 days and I had some minor chipping on the tips of a couple nails (not the polish's fault - the top coat I'm using right now is the WORST, but I'm using it up so I don't waste the money) and I didn't feel like having to totally re-do my nails and was really loving the red, so I just applied a second coat. You can't even tell the second coat was to cover some chipping. Once that was done I decided to do a little monochrome nail art and added red heart sprinkles to thumbs and ring fingers. =)

I love the monochrome designs that are popping up here and there right now. I've done numerous monochrome NOTD's over the past several months but have rarely been able to get pictures of them. The most common method is to do a combination of matte and glossy polish. However it's done, the monochrome look is subtle and lovely, and one of my favorites. 

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