Thursday, August 11, 2011

Glitter Sniffer Swatches & EOTD

I was able to get some swatches of the Glitter Sniffer colors I got in my sample pack. However... my camera and I are not getting along today at all. So just trust me when I tell you that these pictures do not do these colors justice AT ALL. Most of the colors are packed with shimmer, a couple with glitter, and a couple are pearly. All are incredibly gorgeous. I wish my camera were not so bratty so that you guys could really see these for what they are. (Just for the record, Canon is the best ever, no exceptions. The point & shoot I use - what I used today - is a FujiFilm. I only got it because it was the only half decent point & shoot I could afford at the time I bought it but I have never really been too happy with it. But since this is a beauty blog I'll just shut up now and leave it at in my own personal opinion, based on my personal experiences, Canon is truly the best and I will never ever ever EVER stray again. Ever.) Moving on..... 

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